Win over $100 and other offers in Carlcare’s offline LetterHunt event

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Haven’t you participate in the ongoing “Carlcare Letter Hunt Contest” yet? Well, this is another chance for you to win over $100 and other overwhelming discounts on one of our services and products.

If you're new here, we're the official customer service provider for TECNO, Infinix, itel, Oraimo, and Syinix. Our contests and events are curated to allow our customers to enjoy more value for their money. More so, this our way of appreciating them for being valued customers every time!

With the latest Carlcare Offline Letter Hunts Event, you stand a chance of winning over $100 cash prize and more discounts on our repair services and other products.

 carlcare letterhunt event

What’s the Carlcare Offline Letter Hunts Event?

Last month, we hosted a similar event online, tagged "Carlcare Letter Hunt Contest”, in which our customers had to collect eight hidden letters from posts on our various social platforms to form the word “CARLCARE”.

And now, the Offline Carlcare Letter Hunts Event takes the same approach but in a different dimension. And yes, it's completely offline. So, you'll need to visit any of Carlcare service centers near you to participate. That should be a bonus for you if you’ve been preparing to make a repair or purchase an accessory at our service center earlier.

Here’s the deal:  

Each day, we will give a key ring representing a letter from the CARLCARE word to the first 50 customers in each country (mentioned below) who visit Carlcare Service center for repair service/purchase of accessories

After getting a key ring, which can come in either blue or green color, you can join our offline contest tagged #CarlcareLetterHunts to get a discount on our services and accessories, or even win a prize worth $100!

So, what’s spectacular about collecting the key rings? How do you convert them to get the discounts and cash prizes? We’ll get to that in a second.

Note: Each key ring represents a letter from the CARLCARE brand and comes in two different colors, namely blue and green.

How to win?

After collecting different key rings by visiting our service center early for repair service or purchase of accessories, it's easy to get the overwhelming discounts and prize mentioned earlier.

However, the more key rings you collect, the better offer you get! Here’s the breakdown of what you can win from the offline #CarlcareLetterHunt event:

First Prize:

If you bring two or more key rings in different colors (blue and green) to our service center, you can get a whopping 10% discount on our accessories or a 5% discount for Out of Warranty repair service.

Second Prize:

On the other hand, if you bring two or more key rings of the same color (blue and blue, or green and green) to our service center, you can get a whopping 20% discount on our accessories or a 10% discount on Out of Warranty repair service

The Grand Prize:

Fortunately, if you could collect the 8 letter keyrings representing "CARLCARE", you can come to our service center to claim your $100 prize!

Number of key rings collected


First prize

2 or more key rings with different colors

· 10% off discount on Carlcare accessories


· 5% off discount for Out of Warranty repair service

Second Prize

2 or more key rings with the same colors

· 20% off discount on Carlcare accessories


· 10% off discount for Out of Warranty repair service

The Grand Prize

8 letter key rings representing "CARLCARE"

$100 price!


What’s the Promotion period?

This event runs at our various service centres nationwide from the 15th of June to the 20th of July, 2021.

Meanwhile, we will stop giving out the key rings to our customers after the 25th of July, 2021. So, you have over one month to get the whopping discounts and cash prize. You shouldn't miss this opportunity!

On the same note, the Offline Carlcare Letter Hunts contestants can come to claim their $100 cash prize at Carlcare on or before the 31st of July 2021. Nonetheless, the discount on accessories and Out of Warranty repair service ends on the 31st of October 2021.


What is Out of Warranty repair service?

Simply put, we provide free warranty repair service for products from our brands (TECNO, Infinix, itel, Syinix, and Oraimo). However, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy free repair service once the warranty period is over.  

As its name implies, Out of Warranty repair service occurs when your phone/accessories are no longer covered by warranty. Meaning you would have to pay for anything that happens to your device when the warranty is expired.

What accessories can I purchase at Carlcare?

You can buy all sorts of original accessories, such as chargers, USB cables, SD cards, screen guards, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, etc., from Carlcare. These include high-quality accessories from Oraimo, as well as Infinix, TECNO, and itel.

At this time, you can also get up to a 20% discount on any accessories purchased at Carlcare. All you need is to collect more key rings to participate in the ongoing #CarlcareLetterHunts event.

Where can you participate in this event?

The LetterHunt offline event is currently only available in Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Uganda, Senegal, Guinea, Cameroon, Bengal, Tanzania, Rwanda,Zambia, Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire

How to get the key rings?

As mentioned above, we will give out a key ring to the first 50 customers each day from each country who visit our service centers for phone repair or buying phone accessories.