How to Connect Your TECNO Tablet or Phone to TV?

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A blend of style and portability is what makes tablets stand apart amongst modern gadgets. They come with a compact, classy look, and are so light that you can carry them to a library, cafeteria, or even on a vacation without any hassle. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of people now prefer tablets over smartphones and laptops. 

When we talk about the brands offering best-value-for-money tablets, TECNO is the name that immediately comes to mind. The brand is known to launch many first-in-segment features, along with its affordable prices and exemplary after-sale service. Besides, you would find TECNO devices supporting all the major apps and functions which are in demand and trend. For example, TECNO tablets and phones can easily be mirrored on a TV, a feature that most users nowadays look for. 

Mirroring, or screencast as many call it, is a wonderful feature- allowing a user to binge on his tablet content on a larger TV screen. Think of watching your holiday pictures and videos on home theatre with your whole family, Or streaming Netflix to enjoy that hyped web series! Isn’t it a pleasure of its kind? 

Now a question that may come to your mind is, how to connect  TECNO tablet or phone to TV screen? Well, options are aplenty, and the major ones of them will be shared with you today. Read on the below guides, and you could get it done in one go… 

Wired Options

HDMI: No need to worry if your TV is too old to support MHL or SlimPort. There’s HDMI to fulfill your needs. HDMI is available in almost all TVs and even in many game consoles and cameras. The best part is, it supports both HD video and audio simultaneously. This means you can enjoy the movies/videos in FULL HD on the bigger screen. 

There are usually three main sizes of HDMI plugs:

  1. Type A or Regular Size which you can see on TV, laptops and game consoles
  2. Type C or min HDMI: they are usually in tablets and phones
  3. Type D or Micro HDMI: the smallest size of HDMI  

When you connect your TECNO tablet or phone to TV using HDMI, all you need is a USB-C to HDMI Adapter and cable

MHL: Speaking of the wired options, MHL seems to be the most preferred due to its easy availability and simple process. 

MHL stands for Mobile High Definition Link, and deploys a microUSB port to transmit the signals between your tablet/phone and TV. It delivers both the power and audio/video. And that’s why an added power source is required in the set-up. 

Most TECNO tablets and phones now come with MHL standard, so do modern TVs. And this is what makes this a convenient option for you to stream your tablet content on a larger TV screen. 

MHL cable to connect phone to tv

To see if your TV supports MHL, check its HDMI port. If there’s an MHL logo over it, your TV does support MHL. Then, you just need to use a HDMI to MicroUSB cable to connect it with your tablet. No need of any additional adaptor or MHL converter.  

A SlimPort: While SlimPort works on the same aspects as MHL does, there is a slight difference in how to connect phone or tablet to tv.  While using SlimPort, you would need an SlimPort adaptor or a signal convertor, along with the micro-USB port on your Android device. It too delivers both audio and video.

Using an additional component, it’s a bit costlier than MHL. However, with SlimPort you don’t need an external power supply like in MHL. 

This means the set-up will be less intricate. Keep the tablet screen on and connect the devices through a USB port. 


Wireless Connection Options: 

Connecting Via Miracast: If you want to know how to connect mobile to tv wireless, then Miracast is the way to go! This wireless procedure builds a network between your device and set-up box, which helps in video transmission from your Android device to TV. Make sure your set-up box supports Miracast, which most modern TVs running on Android 4.2 or later do. 

In case your TV doesn’t have an in-built Miracast, you can opt for a supporting dongle. It can be plugged into your TV’s HDMI port or a power source. 

To enable it, navigate to Settings -> Display >> Wireless display. 

Here you have the option to enable it, and then search the device you want to connect. 

Connecting Via Chromecast: Connecting Via Chromecast: Probably the most user-friendly and costeffective option is Google’s Chromecast. It lets you mirror your tablet content on TV without much fuss. And instead of the whole screen, you can display the content of your choice. The Chromecast dongles are affordably available in the market. 
Insert it one of the HDMI ports, and then connect both the devices through ‘settings’. The best thing about Chromecast is, it supports the content for most video services like Netflix, BT Sport, YouTube, iPlayer, etc.

It’s undoubtedly a delight to watch your tablet content on a bigger TV screen. And the above options are what can bestow you with this pleasure. If you stuck somewhere in the process, feel free to contact us for further assistance. You can call us or visit your nearest Carlcare Service center to take our experts’ advice. So you can rest assured to get the best service and best advice.