How To Fix a Phone that Fell In Water

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Water damage on phones is often unpredictable. One moment, you are enjoying your phone at its full performance, and the next, you are quickly looking for how to fix a phone that fell in the water. It is as relatable as that.

You can, however, fix your device, and the water entry may not cost you more than a brief period you might have to forfeit for repairs. Here's how.

How To Fix a Phone that Fell In Water - Carlcare

How Do You Fix a Phone That Has Been in the Water?

Fixing a phone that has fallen in water can be as simple as removing it from the liquid and can also be the first of many steps. Often, the degree of damage incurred determines the required fixes and the time it takes for the device to come up. The repair process for water-immersed phones may also not restore their fully functional state after being in the water.

However, these easy-to-follow tips will bring you a step closer to how to fix a water problem on phones.

Remove the Device from Water

If your device falls or has been in the water, the first step in repairing it is to remove it from the liquid, as further delay can cause more damage. Ideally, water-resistant phones can withstand extended periods in water, which may make you feel less anxious about attempting the rescue. However, late retrieval from water can be harmful if you are unfamiliar with the phone's IP rating and the depth it can endure in water. So, if your device falls into the water, pick it up as soon as possible.

Power off If On

Switching off your phone after retrieving it from the water is an ideal follow-up for how to fix a phone that fell in the water. Although your device can show no signs of malfunction, turn the phone off to prevent short circuits that may cause extra damage to the device. Also, finding a safe means to remove the SIM card and power off the device will go a long way in its recovery.

Eject the Removables

Avoid the presence of removable items when on the quest for how to fix a phone that fell in the water. Wet materials such as SIM cards and memory cards can be conductive and harmful to the internal components. While their removal may feel unnecessary if your phone has only spent a short time in the water, ejecting these tools and the battery after turn-off will hasten the repair process. It will also enable you to access tiny parts where water can clog up afterward.

Clean Every Ports and Openings

When your phone falls in the water, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the phone, the charging port, and the headphone jack where water can enter. The material is a suitable alternative to paper towels in removing the water. Cleaning these phone openings is handy not to leave anything to chance during water damage repair. Overall, it reduces the lengthy hours and the risk involved.

Allow the Device to Dry

Do not be in a hurry to start your device after the cleaning, but allow the entire parts affected with water to dry. Placing your phone in rice or using heating techniques to dry it quickly is inappropriate as they are ineffective. Ensure you take your time to let the phone dry completely with air ventilation. And after drying, you can turn on the device to continue using it.

How Do You Fix a Phone That Got Wet and Won’t Turn On?

If your phone has been submerged in water for a long time and gotten wet, following the above steps may be inadequate to fix the liquid damage. However, you can make these further moves for a complete repair.

Assess the Device for a Comprehensive Damage

For a wet phone in water to turn on, it depends on several conditions, including the severity of the damage. The type of liquid and the time it took to remove the device can also determine how to fix a phone that fell in the water.

If your device does not come up, carefully check the hardware for possible damages due to the phone holding the water for too long. The phone's inactiveness can also ensue from pre-existing defects and not from water exposure.

You can opt for a quick DIY if the damage is easy to repair or remove the battery to check for corrosion. In cases where you detect nothing, exercise extra caution before deciding on the next step.

Visit a professional repairer after 24 hours

Twenty-four hours can be a long time to assess a water-damaged phone, but it is ideal to determine the fate that awaits your device. Though most wet phones may not require visiting repair centers, some instances can differ when evaluated within this period.

If you have cleaned the device and done quick DIY repairs for suspected issues and the phone does not come up, it is time to visit a repair shop. While the repairs can be demanding and costly when you are on a tight budget, employing the services of after-sales service will cut your costs and further save you time.


How Do I Dry Out My Phone Quickly?

Phones are essential for our daily lives, especially when they support our business activities. Taking the time to allow them to dry naturally may not be feasible when you have tasks to run. Here are ways to dry out your phone quickly.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Air breezes can be slow for drying wet phones heavy with water. You can apply the vacuum cleaning method to get the moisture behind you quicker than the usual for natural air.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner to the air vents on your device, including the charging ports, to expel the water. However, ensure the material is not too close to the phone when used. It only takes a short time to complete the drying process, depending on the water present.

Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel packs can draw out moisture from phones but may not be as fast as the vacuum cleaner. However, the material is reliable and a simple alternative to using the rice method.

When you have a wet phone, put your phone and the gel packs in a sealed container. It only takes hours or a few days for the phone to dry.

Take It to Repair Shops

DIYs can be extensive for how to fix a phone that fell in the water quickly, but taking it to repair shops has its additional perks. Phone technicians help break down every screw to hasten the drying time. They also save your device from further damage that may occur through short-circuiting and improper fixes.

You can take the device to a repair shop nearby with competent repairers and dry your phone quickly within a day. Even better, after-sales service centers like Carlcare take little to no time for phone repairs, courtesy of professional technicians ready to handle your device with advanced tools.

Can I Dry My Phone With a Hair Dryer?

Away from the usual technique of using rice to dry phones, using a hair dryer as a tool for how to fix a phone that fell in the water is inappropriate. The drying method is unsafe as it generates direct heat that harms your device. Alternatively, you can employ the services of professional technicians as the first and last resort if drying your wet phone is not a simple fix.