How to restart phone without power button

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Abraham Miller

We understand how frustrating and irritating it can be when you would like to restart your phone, but the power button is already faulty or broken! You thus begin to wonder how could it be done and even start guessing if the phone can be restarted at this point or not? Well, you simply needn’t worry anymore as we have not one but several different solutions about how to restart phone without power button. Just go through our step-by-step guide on restarting a phone without the power button and we assure you’ll benefit a lot from it.

Plug the Phone into an electric or USB charger

This is the most common and effective solution when your phone runs out of battery. Many times you simply forget to check your battery status, and by the time you realize it the phone is already shut down. So, by plugging in your phone through a charger (electric or USB) your phone’s battery will slowly get charged and in a few minutes the phone would wake up from the sleep state and will thus restart.

Enter Recovery Mode and reboot the phone 

This is yet another easy and effective method to restart phone without power button if the power button is faulty or broken. What is to be done is to bring up the boot menu of your smartphone or the recovery mode as it is called sometimes, which can be done by using a few button combinations on your phone itself.

In most phones, the recovery mode can be accessed by just pressing the Home + Volume Up or the Home + Volume Down button. Once you’re into the recovery mode or the Boot Menu, all you need to do is just navigate to the “reboot system now” tab from amongst the many tab options, using your phone’s volume buttons or by pressing on the touchscreen. This will for sure, wake up your device and would make its operating system to reboot.  

“Double-tap to wake” and “Double-tap to sleep” options

A recent feature that has been added in many of the smartphones now is that of “Double-Tap to Sleep” or “Double-Tap to wake”. What it does is, as the name suggests, to  make the phone go into sleep or wake-up mode whenever you tap an empty area of the home or lock screen provided the feature is enabled on your smartphone. Before you can use this feature, you’ll need to enable the “Double-Tap” feature on your phone. Even if you don’t know how to do this, still you need not to worry. We will explain you the detailed process and then continue forward to rebooting your phone with this new feature. Here’s how to do:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on your smartphone and tap once
  • Tap on the “Advanced Features” tab
  • Now, tap on the “Motions and Gestures” tab
  • Next tap on the “Toggle to Enable Double-tap to Sleep”
  • Your phone has now been enabled to “Double tap to Sleep” mode

So now once the phone can start using this functionality, you can easily  turn on phone without power button.  Moreover, most of the smartphones that have the double-tap feature also do commonly have the “double-tap to wake” option. You can exactly do the “Double-tap to sleep” and use the “Double-tap to Wake” feature on your phone. Thereby your smartphone gets restarted by once Double tapping it to sleep and then Double tap to wake.

Scheduled Power ON/OFF

Scheduling the Power On/Off can be a great way to restart phone without power button.

When the power button is broken or none of the above methods tend to work for you, all you need to do is go to the “settings” tab and open the tab. Next head over to the “Schedule On/Off” tab and push it to “On” mode. You can now set any time of the day as per your liking when you want your phone to turn off by adjusting the “Power Off” time from the corresponding tab. You also have the option to repeat the task for as many days as you like and schedule the process on those days. Similarly, you can also “Power On” your phone by choosing the time and day(s) exactly as you want to. And your phone would wake up in a rebooted state. See how simple is this!     

Power Button to Volume Button app

It is the Android era of Smartphones and it is by far the most popular Mobile OS in the world. There are specific Apps that can help you restart android without power button and there are many specialized Apps just for Powering Off and On your smartphone on the Google Play store, and most of these can be downloaded for free. One  of the best Apps for this purpose that are available on Google Play is Power Button to Volume Button app . You can download this app on your phone and try to use it to turn on phone without power button.

Find the professional phone repair provider

The last step but not the least one would be to get their phone repaired. This is  because every smartphone user would really need their phone’s Power button to function properly at some point of time or other. Thus, seeking a professional or a repairman is a long-term and permanent solution to the problem especially when the power button is damaged.

Moreover, if you happen to own an Infinix, TECNO or itel phone, then you just need to visit the nearest Carlcare service center along with your phone and we’ll make it work like new in no time at all! By getting your smartphone repaired at an official after-sales service center you get a satisfaction and service guarantee.