Carlcare offers Warranty Extended Card for TECNO, Infinix and itel

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We at Carlcare Service strive to provide you with the utmost satisfaction and the best value for your money. And to achieve this, we launch new fruitful deals and value-added services now and then. Here again, we bring you a fantastic offer in the form of a Warranty Extended Card for TECNO, Infinix and itel mobile phones.

Strategically designed to give you extra peace of mind, this card extends the warranty of your newly purchased TECNO, Itel, or Infinix phone for a further 12 months. This means you don’t have to worry about the cost of unforeseen repairs which your phone might need even after the standard warranty expires. The service covers them all and ensures a great peace of mind knowing your phone is well protected by reliable Carlcare warranty. 

All About this Extended Warranty Card!

As the name suggests, this warranty card primarily aims at protecting your phone for an additional period of 12 months. It stretches your phone warranty and lets you enjoy our service even after the phone’s manufacturer warranty ends.

Where and When to Buy It? 

You can purchase Carlcare Warranty Extended Cards from your nearest mobile retail stores. Soon, they will be available at Carlcare Service centers as well.

Please note that the card needs to be activated within 6 months (180 Days) of phone purchase. You can activate it through Pre-Installed Carlcare App in your Phone. You can contact at Carlcare Service center or online. If you need any help.


For one mobile, the service can be activated for just once. Means multiple activations are not valid. 

  • At the time of activating this service, you need to fill a guarantee form with accurate information about the phone and the buyer.  
  • The prices of warranty cards vary for different phone brands and models. For example, the cost of the card (365 days) for TECNO’s Spark & Pouvoir Series is Rs 599*, while for the CAMON series it costs you Rs 799*. T&C apply.
  • The extended warranty kicks-in the moment your phone’s standard warranty ends. It gets activated automatically at 24:00 Hrs on the day when the phone’s factory warranty culminates. 

Costs of the Extended Warranty Cards

> Tecno : Selling price to Customer inclusive tax - Rs.599.00 (Spark Series) / Rs.799.00 (Camon Series)
> Itel SP : Selling price to Customer inclusive tax - Rs.499.00.
> Infinix : Selling price to Customer inclusive tax - Rs.599.00 (Hot & Smart) / Rs.799.00 (Note & S) / Rs.1199.00 (Zero).

About the Eligibility

There is no such eligibility criteria. This warranty offer is available for all TECNO, Itel, or Infinix phone users. But it’s mandatory to activate the card within 6 months of your phone purchase. So you can buy it while purchasing the phone or later as per this activation time-frame. The card activation process is pretty simple. In case you’ve any doubts or concerns, you can contact Carlcare.

How to activate the warranty extended card?

You can activate the warranty extended card with the help of store staff or do it yourself through Carlcare app.

Follow the below steps to do it on Carlcare App:

  1. Open Carlcare App and tap on the ‘Protection Package’ Module. There, choose ‘Extended Warranty Service’
  2. Click ‘Verify and Activate’ button, after verification please choose the package you purchased.
  3. Enter the card number and password, your name and phone number to the extended warranty.

If the above steps are not working please choose ‘Extended Warranty’ module and input your IMEI No.For any assistance, feel free to contact us!

Why Should You Buy this Card?

 Affordable: It provide customer an assurance that if any functional defect will come in his mobile post original warranty period he can get it repaired for free by investing very nominal amount at the time of purchasing the Extended warranty card.     

> The VIP Privilege: When the customer purchases the Extended warranty service, he/she will become the priority object of Carlcare. We will give priority to the phone problem of customers who purchase the Extended warranty service, especially when there are a lot of people waiting for repair, he/she does not need to wait in line.   

> Vast Coverage & Network Serve: Customer can visit any of his nearby service center from our Vast service network across India ranging to more than 900+ Service Centers & also can call our Call Centre Executives for Support (1800-4190-525) or contact through e-mail at    

> Professional & Trained Technicians: Customer gets service from our professionally trained technicians ensuring the best repairing skills.    

 > Original Spares: Customer gets Repair with original spares which ensures quality repair to customer satisfaction.

When you purchase a phone, it usually comes with a standard 1-year warranty to cover up the repair cost in case your phone develops some issues. 

But what if your phone starts creating problems after completion of the standard warranty. You might bear those hefty repair bills or worse, a complete replacement. Either of these will burn big holes in your pocket. 

Our Extended Warranty service comes to rescue in such a scenario. As your warranty is extended for one more year, you’re safe from those costly repairs. You just need to take your phone to your nearest Carlcare Service center and get it repaired without worrying about the repair cost. 

With one-time cost comes Carlcare’s trusted repair services and support for a whole year. Sounds great? Don’t miss grabbing this deal if you’re planning to buy a new phone. 

Carlcare is the authorized service center for Itel, Infinix, and TECNO, aiming to revolutionize the repairing experience through its customer-centric services & support, and impressive turnaround time, and various value-added services. We’re committed to providing our customers with impeccable repair service at our state-of-the-art service centers, spread in over 55 countries globally. In India, we’re growing rapidly, having over 930 service centers in more than 700 towns, including some remote parts of the country.