Win Spark 9T With Carlcare Chicken Farm Game

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Carl Paige
Play the chicken farm game and be the lucky winner of Spark 9T by feeding and growing your chicken. This Carlcare farm game starts from 1st December to 31st December 2022. Win TECNO Spark 9T this lucky month. Here is all you need to know to participate.
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How to Play and Win Farm Game

All that is required is to hop in and play once every day. Here are the main key things to have in mind when participating.
Feed the chicken every day by doing the following:
  • Register or login to Carlcare App
  • Make a reservation
  • Finish the order
  • Finish the out-warranty order
  • Invite friends to finish their orders
After completing the task, please receive the feed in time, and the newly completed task feed will be refreshed.

Game Rules and Tricks to Win

Here are the key rules and guidelines to help you win the Carlcare farm game.
  • Complete the task to get the corresponding feed.
  • The amount of feed obtained for different tasks is different. You can only receive feed once a day for login, reservation, and repair.
  • Invite friends to make reservations and repair unlimited times per day, and you can get the feed after they successfully repair
  • Please receive the task feed in 3 days. The feed will be refreshed when a new task is completed.
  • The chicken will continue to promote egg maturity when they eat feed.
  • Different quantities of mature eggs can be exchanged for different prizes.
  • Please fill in your information to get the prize, otherwise, it will be regarded as giving up the prize if it expires.
  • We will contact and distribute prizes within 30 days after the event ends.
  • Carlcare reserves the right to interpret the event.

Chicken Growth

Feed and feed the chicken. Do not stop feeding the chicken, and lastly win TECNO Spark 9T. 

Win the feed and win TECNO Spark 9T, let's go! Claim gifts after winning the feed.