Get Carlcare Trade-in Service in Kenya Now (Swap Plan)

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What if I just want to convert my phone into money and not purchase a new one? Can you do that?” Absolutely YES! We can buy off your phone. 

  • Do you give the phone away? (probably not, if you need cash)
  • Do you trash it? (No! it’s not eco-friendly!)
  • Do you go ahead finding someone to buy it from you? (That’s stressful!)

That’s arguably the three main things people do with their old phones. However, you probably don’t want to dash someone your old phone if you need extra cash to buy a new one. Also, trashing or throwing it somewhere in your house is hazardous to our dear earth.

But there’s something better, and that’s why we’re here to tell you how to deal with your old phones easily in Kenya. 

Why choose Carlcare?

  • Higher Recycling Price: Up to KES.36500
  • Safe: Professional Data Clear Processing
  • Convenient: Easy Deal, Save Time
  • Environment Friendly: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

There are 2 models of service for Carlcare trade-in:

  1. Swap plan: You can swap your ancient phone(s) for a new one and save some cash for yourself. 
  2. Phone4Cash: You can visit any of our authorized outlets to trade in your old TECNO, Infinix, and itel smartphone for a cash reward.

You can swap in any phone from these brands, in as much as they meet the stated requirement:

  • Smart phone: itel, TECNO, Infinix
  • Feature phone: itel, TECNO, Infinix

Platform services and transaction specifications:

①The Carlcare platform provides you with valuation, recycling and other related services of second-hand idle items.

②You should ensure that your products have the following conditions:

  • The source of the goods is legal and regular, not obtained through illegal means such as deception, theft, snatching, or embezzlement;
  • You have a legal and complete right to dispose of the goods;
  • You should promise and ensure that the second-hand goods sold do not have any danger to personal and property safety and do not infringe the legal rights of any third party, including but not limited to personal rights, property rights, intellectual property rights, privacy, etc.;
  • Your goods should meet other requirements of laws and regulations for the sale of second-hand goods;

③To protect your privacy and security, before recycling the goods, Carlcare reminds you:

  • You need to promptly remove and delete all accounts and passwords such as the power-on password, access idle password, ID account, etc. of the product;
  • You need to remove all information storage cards such as the storage card and SIM card attached to the product;
  • You need to back up and delete all the data in the product (including but not limited to address book, information, account and password of payment tools, application account, user name and password, chat history, photos, videos, audio, etc.) ;
  • You need to restore the factory settings of the product;

You promise that the goods delivered to Carlcare have completed the aforementioned steps and do not contain any of your private information. If you hand over the goods with personal information to Carlcare, it means that you believe that the personal information does not belong to your private information, or you have given up Related rights and interests including privacy rights.

For the purpose of user experience, Carlcare may try to clear the data that you may have left again. If you hand over the product to Carlcare, it is deemed that you agree to Carlcare or other third parties to clear the information that you may still store in your product. However, you should understand that due to various unpredictable factors, Carlcare cannot guarantee the effect of the above data removal steps, and cannot guarantee the security of the data you may leave. You are still responsible for your privacy and security, and the losses and related responsibilities caused by the uncleared or incompletely cleared data will be borne by you.

④When carrying out a recycling transaction, Carlcare will conduct a test after receiving your product. If the test result is significantly different from your description, Carlcare will apply for a second quotation for you. If you do not agree with the second offer, Carlcare will return the product to you.

⑤For products with film or unopened packages, since the film or package must be removed for quality inspection, and the film or package cannot be recovered after removing the film or package, in order to ensure the normal progress of the transaction, your act of mailing the product shall be deemed as your consent to Carlcare’s quality inspection. Tear the film or remove the package during the inspection. If the two parties have not reached a transaction, you agree that Carlcare does not need to return the film or package.

⑥Once you have confirmed the transaction with Carlcare and the order is completed, you will no longer have the right to cancel the order and request the return of the goods (including all related accessories that may be recycled together).

So, where, and how can I trade in my phone at Carlcare?

Once you’re ready, you can visit any of the Carlcare centers below to trade in your old phone for a shiny, new one. Our experts are on sit to evaluate your phone and give you the best quotation for your device’s worth. If you agree with their evaluation, you can then pay the required amount to get your new smartphone of choice.

Here are the designated service centers:

State City Shop Name Phone Address
Nairobi Nairobi Queen 0715553084 Tom mboya street
Nairobi Nairobi Galectro 0717732592 Moi avenue street
Nairobi Nairobi stegon 0729200864 Kimathi street
Nairobi Nairobi ASC-E-Skymall 0745699933 Shop number 111,Skymall basement,Luthuli Avenue ,Nairobi ,Kenya
Nairobi Nairobi Carlcare-Luthuli 0709698888 2nd Floor, Complex House, Luthuli Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi Nairobi Carlcare-Nairobi 0768419139 2nd Floor, Caxton House, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya
Central Thika Carlcare-Thika 0780795707 ELICA PLAZA ,1st-Floor ROOM 1,Plot no. 5963/22 ,Kwame Nkrumah Road, Thika County, Kenya
Rift Valley Nakuru Carlcare-Nakuru 0705618555 4th Floor,Masters plaza,kenyatta avenue ,Nakuru
Western Kisumu Carlcare-Kisumu 0701616050 1st Floor, above Parking 3, Wing B of Nakumatt Mega Plaza, Kisumu, Kenya
Eastern Meru Carlcare-Meru 0702133888 1st Floor, Town Mobile Center(Next to Uchumi Supermarket), Ghana Street, Meru, Kenya
Rift Valley Eldoret Carlcare-Eldoret 0706188199 4th Floor, alongside Safaricom Customer Care, Wing B, Metro Towers, Oginga Odinga Street, Eldoret, Kenya
Costal Mombasa Carlcare-Mombasa 0704433444 2nd Floor, Alibhai Essa Plaza, Gussi Street, Opposite to Judan Mosque, behind No-Maneno Bazaar, Mombasa,Kenya
Central Nyeri Carlcare-Nyeri 0728116767 Room 104, Ground Floor, Prestige Plaza, Kimathi Street, Nyeri,Kenya
Western Kisumu ASC-E-Kisii 741433108 Carlcare-Kisii Ground Floor, Ouru Complex, Kisii-Kisumu Road, Kisii County, Kenya
Eastern Machakos ASC-E-Machakos 797871126/786335553 ASC-E-Machakos,2nd Floor room 201,Shanbad house,Opp mulu mutisya garden,Syokimau road,Machakos county,Kenya
Nairobi Nairobi OSRP-E-SAFMoi 709698888 inside Safaricom Moi Avenue . nairobi ,Kenya
Western Kisumu ASC-E-Kericho 790020673 2nd Floor, Bethany Investment Trust Ltd, Opp. Family Bank,Kericho, Kericho County, Kenya
Nairobi Nairobi Pigeon mobile shop 101520078 Tom mboya street, Dominion House, Ground floor
Nairobi Nairobi Signet Communication LTD 722249249 moi avenue street, Tumaini house, Ground floor
Nairobi Nairobi Ropem Archives 715200797 Moi Avenue, Mr. Price Moi Avenue, Adjacent
Nairobi Nairobi Ropem Kenya Cinema 715200797 Moi Avenue, Kenya Cinema Plaza, Ground floor
Nairobi Nairobi Ropem Trends 715200797 Tommboya Street, KTDA plaza ground floor
Nairobi Nairobi KenWire Tech 741493619 Kenyatta Avenue, Caxton House, Ground floor, next to Carlacre caxton
Nairobi Nairobi Mobile Connect-Kenyatta Avenue 700366395 Kenyatta Avenue, Kimathi House, Ground floor
Nairobi Nairobi Mobile Connect-Moi Avenue 700366395 Moi Avenue, Kenya Tea Development Agency House, Ground floor

Before coming, though, you’ll need a few things to authenticate and complete the swap transaction:

Original Receipt of Purchase (for the device you want to swap)
Valid means of Identification – could be a Driver’s License, NIMC Card/Slip, or Permanent Voter’s card.
Well, if you can’t supply the "Original Receipt of Purchase," we'll accept another VALID means of recognition. That's just to authenticate your ownership of the device.

About Carlcare

Carlcare is the official after-sales service brand for TECNO, Infinix, and itel users globally. We offer top-notch mobile repair and customer support service to ease your life when something’s wrong with your device.

With our service centers spread across every state in Kenya, getting the official touch when your phone is faulty is just too easy. Whether it’s a cracked screen, wearied-out battery, software, or any other hardware problem, our competent technicians are ready to help, using only genuine TECNO, Infinix, and itel spare parts when needed.

Not just that, our value-added services are one of a kind. You can get a screen protection package for your phone, extend your warranty service, or partner with us to grow your business.

And, of course, the Carlcare Trade-in Service is brought into prominence to help you upgrade your phone without stress. If you've got an old phone, and you are willing to upgrade but don't know what you're supposed to do, swapping it is the best choice.

Visit any of the designated service centers today to trade in your old phone for a new one.