Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls

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Cellular networks are essential for making voice calls and interacting with loved ones. You can imagine the tense feeling if you received a prompt saying, 'Cellular network not available for calls' at a crucial moment. You start to wonder what the problem could be and how to solve it. But then, network outages need not linger for too long, and that is what we've explained in the article below.

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls

Why is My Phone Saying Cellular Network Not Available for Calls?

Software Issues.

Phone software gets affected by lags and can sometimes make your cellular network unavailable for calls. This setback can be due to an outdated system update or bugs in your phone apps.

You can also experience a glitch when you install an incompatible call-related app. Or corrupt files that create a heavy workload on your phone's network signal.

Faulty Motherboard.

Besides the usual software lags, problems from the hardware, including the phone’s motherboard, can cause you to experience the cellular network not available for voice calls error. A clogged water spill, breaks, or physical damage affects the internal components, making the network connection process difficult or nearly impossible.

General Outage.

Mobile networks experience downtime, which could trap you in a cycle of not making calls. This outage may occur in a region, and the duration may extend beyond minutes. In this case, you can restart your device or wait for the network to come up.

Flight Mode.

Airplane or flight mode turns off network connections on Android devices. If you receive a response of 'cellular network not available for voice calls,' you may have enabled this option on your phone.

Poor Network Signal.

You can naturally have poor network reception when you can't make calls on your device. Physical barriers and hazy weather conditions, including rain, can cause weak signal strength and disrupt your cellular network availability for voice calls.

Network settings.

Phones have their default settings, and slight changes can cause your phone to display "cellular network not available for voice calls." A tweak in the device settings often creates changes that may vary with the phone's use. These may include alterations in the Access Points Names (APN) or preferred network types settings.

How do I Fix No Cellular Network Available?

Disable Airplane Mode.

One of the ways to fix a network not connecting is by turning off the airplane mode. Devices in airplane mode cannot connect to the internet or make calls.

Reset Your Network Settings.

You can check and reset your network settings to their default state to fix the bugs.

Change Your Location.

A failed network could result from a poor signal from your location. Moving away or changing your location can fix it naturally.

Restart Your Device.

Smartphones can hang or experience glitches that affect their network stability. Sometimes, it does go off when your phone is beginning to have a SIM card fault port. You can restart the device to refresh and clear the glitches. Even so, restarting your device fixes the overall performance, including the cellular network not available for voice calls issues.

Update your Phone Software.

You can update your phone's software when you experience a persistent 'cellular network not available for voice calls' message. The update helps to fix network bugs and enhance the state of the network. And if there are required security patches, updating the phone's software also helps.

Visit Your Carrier or Repair Centers.

If you've tried the above fixes and can't seem to have a network on your device, it is time to involve your service carrier and other extra hands. Network provider agents help resolve network issues, including devices with unavailable networks. In where there are hardware issues, you can consult your after-sales service center or reliable repairer to help with the fixing.

How do I Make My Cell Phone Network Available?

Cell phone's mobile network availability does not require multiple back and forth. Ordinarily, your phone becomes automatically connected to a mobile network when it is on. But if you experience delays, here is a step-by-step manual setup to make the network available.

Insert Your SIM.

The first step to make a cell phone network available is by inserting a SIM card. Phone networks work with inserted SIM cards and not without unless you're using Wi-Fi.

Enable the SIM.

If you have a SIM on your cell phone and the network isn't available, the feature might be disabled. Disabled SIMs are inactive and are similar to phones in airplane mode. You can always enable your SIM card via the settings apps while your SIM is there. This process works by;

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Mobile and Networks.
  3. Click on your SIM icon.
  4. Toggle the blue tick in the upper right corner to enable the SIM.

Overall, turning on this feature activates the phone's network and removes the cellular not available for voice calls error message.

Set the Preferred Network Type.

You could be out of network if your selected network type isn't available. Network varies from 2g to 4g, and selecting the option compatible is also a way to make your network available. While your SIM is active, you can check through and choose from the list until you find which works.

Switch to Available Networks in Your Area.

The availability of cell phone networks also depends on the auto/manual settings enabled. You can manually select from the networks in your area if you use a featured device but can't access the cellular network. The fix works by scanning the available list of networks and selecting your choice.

Why is My SIM Not Allowing Me to Make Calls on Android?

There can be several reasons your SIM does not allow you to make phone calls on Android. The glitch can result from damaged SIM ports or trays, insufficient system storage, software bugs, and other hardware issues.

However, you may need to clarify and narrow down the possible causes for an effective fix to the calls not going through. These may include ejecting your SIM card to test on another device, updating your software, or even performing a factory reset if you are willing to take the chance.

You can also visit a reliable technician to fix your 'cellular network not available for voice calls' or to repair the faulty Android device. Even better, Carlcare is there to the rescue if your smartphone is a TECNO, Infinix, or brand.