How to Reboot a Phone Easily in Several Quick Steps

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Are you experiencing challenges accessing your phone? Is it becoming really slow, freezing, or crushing apps? Or is your phone not just acting right and you want to either reboot, restart, or reset your phone easily in several quick steps? Well, worry not because in this article we will explain to you simple steps on how to reboot a phone easily to maximize its performance.

You must be curious about the difference between the words' reboot, restart, and reset a phone. To begin with, reboot and restart mean the same thing and involve powering your phone on and off, however on the other hand resetting a phone involves wiping out all the personal data on your phone and having it back to the original state that it was when it left the factory.

This article outlines several steps on how to easily reset and reboot a phone.

How to Reboot a Phone Easily in Several Quick Steps

Long pressing the on/ off button

This is the easiest and quickest way known way on how to restart your phone. It involves long-pressing the power button to turn off the Android device and long-pressing the power button to turn the device back on.

Where is the power button on my phone? Mostly it is usually it is a single button located on either side of an Android device that switches the device on and off when pressed and held.

Also learn, how to restart the phone without a power button.

Soft reboot

How do I reboot my phone? The process is straightforward, you press the power button on your phone and choose the restart option and your phone will reboot in a few seconds.

Hard reboot Secondly, you can perform a hard reboot by simultaneously pressing a combination of buttons, beginning with pushing the power button and the volume down button for more than 5 seconds to reboot your phone.

Factory reset

How to factory reset my phone? Go to your phone settings, select the backup and reset option, and then select the factory data to reset option, and finally confirm the reset Android option to reset the phone. Remember, factory data reset deletes all data from your phone’s internal storage including your Google account, the system and app data, music, photos, and your previous phone settings. You must understand that performing a factory reset shall delete all your phone's previously saved data therefore it is recommended that it be the last solution to fixing your phone.

Hard reset and master reset

Does your phone recommend that you do a hard reset or master reset? Well, worry not because they both perform the same function as factory reset. They both are intended to erase all the phone’s previously saved data and reset the Android phone back to its original state. So, how can you hard reset your phone?

  • First, you begin by turning off your phone;
  • Secondly, simultaneously hold the power button and the volume until the Android boot loader menu pops up;
  • Use the volume up and volume down button to select the recovery mode option on the menu;
  • Once selected, the words “no command” will pop up in a clear screen;
  • At this point long-press the power button and while at it press the volume up button once and release it;
  • A pop-up list with the option factory reset will show up where you shall press the factory reset option;
  • The device will ask you to confirm the factory reset option notifying you that you may lose all your previously saved personal data and settings if you are sure you want to proceed with it you click on the icon reset;
  • The phone will reset and restart in a few minutes.

There is an alternative you can try before resetting or rebooting your phone, this may be by troubleshooting the app that are having issues with while you are using it, slowing down unnecessarily, or that has crushed. You can do this by opening the settings on your Android, afterward, selecting apps and notifications, and then selecting the application with issues and pressing storage and cache, you will have two options at this point which one is to either clear cache which deletes the temporary files of the app that are stored in the phone or clear data which deletes all the apps information from the day it was installed on the Android which may cause you to start using the app as a newly installed app causing the user to re-enter their account’s username and password.

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