How to Restore Android Phone From Google Backup

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Carl Paige

Switching to a new Android phone? No worries! Google Backup lets you effortlessly transfer your data, including apps, contacts, call logs, photos, and videos, to your new device.

How to Restore Android Phone From Google Backup

The primary method to restore during phone setup

  1. Power on your new phone and begin the setup process.
  2. When prompted, choose "Copy your data" from an existing backup.
  3. Select "Backup from cloud" and sign in to your Google account.
  4. Choose the relevant backup and select the specific data you want to transfer (apps, contacts, etc.).
  5. Google will securely restore your chosen data to your new phone.

Note: The exact menu wording might vary depending on your Android version.

Additional Considerations:

  • App Compatibility: While most apps restore seamlessly, some older apps or those with significant changes might require manual re-downloading from the Play Store.
  • Google Drive Backup: Google Drive can store specific data like photos. This method is secondary to the primary restore process mentioned above.

For more information on Google Drive backups, you can refer to the official Google Drive resources.