Infinix TV S1 43 Inch Price in Kenya

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The 21st-century Smart TVs often come at ridiculously high prices that might not be affordable for everyone. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy all those top-notch features, like crispy Full HD+ HDR display, Android TV support, booming in-built speakers, borderless design, a brilliant connection with your phone, and many more. Affordable Smart TVs like the new Infinix TV S1 43 Inch come in this case. Today, we bring to you almost everything you need to know about the Infinix TV S1 43-inch price in Kenya, its specifications, features, quick review, and customer support.

Infinix TV S1 43 Inch Price in Kenya

Enriching your sight with immersive and cinematic content in the comfort of your home shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. For this reason, the Infinix TV S1 43-inch price in Kenya starts at just KSh 31,999. You can get it in any independent and trusted online and physical store serving Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and most Kenyan towns.

Infinix TV S1 43 Inch Price in Kenya

Infinix S1 55 Inch Smart TV Common Specifications


43 inch

Full HD+ Resolution

60Hz refresh rate

250 nits of brightness


Android TV





20W Full Range Speakers



Bluetooth 4.0


Screen Mirroring

Power Range

90-264 Volts

What’s in the Box?

Even though today's gadgets come in compact packages that don't include many add-ons, Infinix was generous enough to bundle the essential accessories with the Infinix S1 43" Android TV. These include:

  • The TV itself
  • Optional Wall Mount
  • TV Stand
  • Remote with two batteries
  • Warranty card
  • User Manual.

All you need now is to unbox your TV and connect it with your existing gadgets to start enjoying it.  

Infinix TV S1 43 Inch Features and Review

Infinix TV series electronics don’t disappoint in offering high-grade features and functionalities at affordable prices. And thankfully, the Infinix TV S1 43-inch Full HD is not exceptional. It ticks almost all the boxes you need for your home set, which includes a 43-inch Full HD borderless display, large memory and storage for optimal performance, 20W full-range speakers, a Smart TV powered by Android, an intelligent connection with your smartphones, and many more.

Below is our quick review of the Infinix S1 43-inch TV, showing its top features and every other thing you need to know about it.

Smart TV Powered by Android.

Being powered by Android TV OS ranks this TV with the most high-end Smart TVs of higher prices in the market. And that's quite interesting to see at this price point.

With it, the Infinix TV S1 43 Inch isn't just a regular television but a smart one that does everything smartly to offer you non-stop modern-day entertainment. It opens you to an unlimited world of pleasure from your favorite streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, Spotify, YouTube Music, and the like. You can also install the best of your Android TV apps and games for maximum enjoyment and utilization.

Brilliant Display

There’s arguably nothing good in a TV if the screen is wack. After all, isn’t that why you purchased it? But on the bright side, the Infinix TV S1 43 Inch comes with what we identify as "a brilliant display for a less price."

Here, you get an elegant Full HD+ display with support for HDR content. A 1080P high resolution is quite sharp for a 43" screen, so there's nothing to be worried about here. What's really impressive is its Frameless design, which adds up to give you an overall compact TV set for an aesthetic home/office setup and an immersive wide viewing.

Besides that, the Infinix TV S1 43 Inch supports viewing High Dynamic Range content, which makes your videos pop with brilliant contrast, vibrant colors, and crisp detail.

Booming Built-in Sound

Most budget Smart TVs at this price range often come with cheap speakers that sound tiny and unmoving. But that's not the case with the Infinix TV S1 43 Inch; this TV comes with a 20W full-range speaker to produce clear and booming sounds. Infinix split the speakers to 10W on each side to help generate stereo sounds straight from your TV.

You shouldn’t have sound problems while watching movies or playing games, even without connecting to your home theatre. The Infinix TV S1 43-inch speakers are enough to serve your needs for a start.

Low Power Voltage Can’t Limit You.

You probably have encountered several low-voltage issues where your gadgets won’t be able to power up, won’t they? Well, that shouldn’t happen on the Infinix TV S1 43-inch. The TV can operate above 90V and below 264V, allowing you to enjoy your content with no casualty, even when the voltage input is not stable.

You Can Do Even More With Your Smartphone.

One good thing about Smart TVs is that they can connect swiftly with your smartphone for advanced functionality. And guess what? You can do more on the Infinix TV S1 43 Inch with Infinix Life App on your smartphone. The app allows you to seamlessly mirror your phone screen to the TV to display its content on a larger screen. It does so wirelessly, using your mobile hotspot/WiFi without consuming your mobile data.

Besides that, the Infinix Life App allows you to turn your phone into a virtual remote or mouse for controlling the TV – a handy tool when you can't reach your actual remote.

Maintenance, Repair & Support With Carlcare

The Infinix S1 43-inch Android TV is backed by a reliable 24-month warranty, ensuring that you get proper maintenance support and repair services when needed. Like other Inifnix devices, Carlcare is the only official service provider certified to provide repair services for this TV. Feel free to visit any Carlcare-authorized center near you if you encounter any problem with the Infinix TV S1 43 Inch.

Carlcare is the exclusive after-sales service provider for all TECNO, Infinix, itel, Oraimo, and Synix devices users globally. 10 years on, we remain you're independent and trusted online and offline customer service provider. We're just a call away whenever you encounter any difficulty with your Infinix TV.

Final Thoughts

The Infinix S1 43" Android TV is one of the most sought-after affordable Smart TVs in the market. Given that Infinix has carved an excellent reputation for itself in the mobile phone market, there shouldn't be a problem now that they're venturing into smart televisions.

The Infinix TV S1 43 Inch price in Kenya starts around KSh 31,999, and you can get one from any reliable online or offline store near you.