Infinix X1 32 Inch Smart TV Price in Kenya

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Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV price in Kenya is around KSh. 19,500. If you are looking for a reliable smart TV that works perfectly with Google Android TV operating system, Infinix X1 32 is the best TV within its price. It's a reliable smart android tv selling very fast in Kenya, it comes with a portable 9-button remote control that is comfortable for both hands. It also supports e-remote, and the surprising thing about the Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV Price in Kenya is its affordability.

It is an advanced android operating system for your perfect HD smart view with unmatched brightness. If you are looking forward to learning more about Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV and the features that give it an affordable price, this article is for you.

Infinix X1 32 Inch Smart TV Price in Kenya

Why Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV Is the Best TV to Choose Below Ksh.20.000

Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV priced around KSh. 19,500 in Kenya, gives customers the best features compared to other TVs around its pricing. It is usually in its package as branded by the manufacturer and you should not buy the not properly packaged from anyone. The product is made of quality, and it is advised to check out Infinix stores around instead of buying from local shops. 

Features and Specs that give value to Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV

The affordable Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV comes with high-end features. If you are looking to enjoy streaming live and enjoying it like you are watching from television, Infinix Infinix 32 x1 android offers a top-notch view. Below are the features that make the Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV Price in Kenya worth buying in Kenya.

1. Operating System

Infinix X1 32-inch is built on the Android 9 operating system, which allows a user to install different apps of their choice. Through the Android 9 operating system, installation and streaming are made possible without stress, and users can watch movies or programs as they are released. Most importantly, binge-watching is available on top sites such as Amazon, YouTube, showmax, Netflix, and more. For easy installation, go on google play to download your app, and it will start working immediately.

2. Bezels

Infinix 32 X1 TV comes with bezels which are that frames built around the display screen. It makes the display big, in a compact body, and they are thin. With the thin bezels, users get to enjoy the edge-to-edge cinematic display that makes the TV fun to watch.

3. Display

With Infinix 32 X1, you get to enjoy a large and comfortable screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. The display is an ultra-screen of 32 inches, brightness stipulated at 250nits TYP, and the contrast ratio at 3000: 1. Furthermore, the Infinix 32 x1 display color is 16.7M which makes every color from a movie or shows come out clearly.

4. Refresh Rate

Just like how Infinix smart comes with a different rate, the same it is with x1 32 inch price in Kenya. Depending on where you are buying yours, you might get it at a refresh rate, especially when you buy at the closest Infinix store. However, if you buy from a retail store, you might get it at a slightly higher price. 

Why Choose Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV

Being affordable, the Infinix X1 32-inch smart TV, allows you to download your favorite TV apps non-stop. X1 32-Inch comes with android's latest features that allow you to enjoy prime video through its ultra-bright display screen. It has an internal memory of 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, where you can download documents and apps. Unlike normal android devices where you can only watch mp3 and mp4, the device HD android tv allows different file formats. You can watch MPEG, MPG, VOB, DAT, AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, ASF, 3PG, TS, TP, TRP, and many more.

Furthermore, it also has the function of google assistant, HDR10/HLG, and it comes with an Epic2.0 Enhancement engine that improves image quality. It also uses wireless transmission such as BT5.0, WiFi (2T2R), and WiFi Direct component of Chromecast, Airplay, Dlna, and miracast.

What’s in the box

Infinix X1 32-Inch Smart TV is powered by Mediatek quad-core CPU, Mali470 GPU, and supports HDR. It makes transmission easier and can last longer if properly managed. If you are looking for a reliable android TV with screen inches smart with a quality image view, Infinix X1 32 might be suitable.

Maintenance, Repair & Support with Carlcare

Every smartphone usually has issues after a long time of use and may need to be repaired. With an expensive device such as Infinix X1 32 smart TV, it is not ideal to give the gadget to individual repairers who might probably cause further damage. The device comes with carefully structured flexible materials that must be handled by professionals.

At Carlcare, we have trained professionals specialized in treating all kinds of Android devices, and we make them whole again. Whenever your Infinix X1 32-inch smart TV develops any fault, endeavor to find your way to our office closest to you. Also, you can log on to Carlcare's official website to make an online booking by submitting your details and scheduling your time visit. We do not only repair, but we make the device better and help prolong its longevity.

Final Thoughts

You can now enjoy a brighter view with a top-notch quality screen, and X1 32 smart TV offers beyond your expectation. If you are interested in knowing Infinix X1 32 Inch Smart TV Price in Kenya, check around the prominent mobile device market. It is affordable, and you can expect better service using it.