Infinix X1 55 Inch Smart 4K Android TV

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Carl Paige

Over the years, the Infinix brand has rolled out quality devices that ensure customers continue to enjoy technology branded with internet services. Among their products is the Infinix X1 55-inch smart Android TV that provides HD tv qualities. People in Kenya have been adapting to having a portable screen to watch their programs, especially TV series and movies.

Infinix X1 55 Inch Smart 4K Android TV

Infinix X1 55-inch Smart 4K Android TVs are very affordable, and you can get them in any reputable store. The device offers a full HD view, easily connects to the internet, and is one of the most reliable smart Android TV out there. Below is the information you need to know about the product.

Infinix X1 55 Inch Smart TV Pricing Range

Infinix X1 55 Inch Smart 4K Android TVs are around 46,000 to 48,000 KSh, but it depends if you are buying from a registered store or a local one. It is among the affordable Infinix smart products that are made available for clients, and with technology becoming portable, the 55 x1 Android TV is ideal. To get the correct one, locate an Infinix store closest to you, and ask for the price. However, it should not be more than 48,000, but it is usually less when you visit the product’s office.

Specifications and Features of Infinix X1 55"

1. Operating System

Infinix X1 55 Inch Smart 4K Android TV operates Android 9, which makes it flexible for the user to download different apps on the Play Store. Users can comfortably stream live programs on YouTube, and watch series on Amazon, Netflix, and other apps suitable for streaming. Aside from that, operating the device is smooth and can take as many as the user wants to keep on it due to the Android 9 version.

2. Bezels

One of the reasons you will enjoy the 4k smart view on X1 55 is the bezels used to make it stand while you watch properly. The bezel is the little clip around the lower part of the screen frame, and it helps you place your device in place properly. With bezels, you can watch your screen like a TV screen without having to hold your device.

3. Display

Another major reason why buyers will not disagree with Infinix X1 55-inch Smart 4K Android TVs is the display screen. The device has two display features due to the number of screens, and it has a full HD panel that is 1080 x 1920 resolution pixels. The screen comes with a 4K display of 2160 x 3840 resolution and 4K ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution, which is more than 30 million self-emissive pixels. Furthermore, there is an infinite contrast ratio and HDR function that makes the picture brighter for the 55-inch display screen. Furthermore, the device's 55-inch 4k screen brings out colors with a solid contrast range which makes it one of the most sought-after smart TVs.

4. Refresh Rate

Infinix X1 55-inch Smart 4K Android comes at a refresh rate, especially when you walk into the Infinix office. You can buy less if the company is on promo, and you can also get it at a local mobile store around you, but the price may be slightly higher. However, make sure you are buying the one in perfect condition and if the price is beyond what you planned for, visit the Infinix office.

Main Features and Review

There are lots of features in Infinix X1 55 that make the device worth enjoyable. Aside from streaming on live streaming websites, you can also download apps of your choice and install them without any complications. Infinix X1 55 inch has enough memory of 8GB ROM and 1.5GM RAM, which helps the operating system run freely. The device can serve the function of the smartphone, has a wireless transmission of WLAN, and mobile hotspots, and also run on a 4G network.

The device also has a physical remote and a working e-remote you can use for your settings. For proper setting, there is a manual guide to help a buyer set properly, and there is also a warranty card. The spectacular aspect is that it is suitable for screen mirroring, and there is a USB port for connection to another device. Infinix X1 55 multimedia is designed to accept all forms of media, and the Dolby audio sound is enough to get the environment's attention.

What’s in the Box?

The Infinix X1 55-inch is a top-notch smart TV designed to make screen view palatable. It comes with a clear color view, brightness, and contrast that brings out image details. You can conveniently download apps from Google Play, especially the live-streaming ones. Therefore, when you decide to buy the Infinix X1 55, check that it is properly sealed and has all the important features.

Maintenance, repair & support with Carlcare

At Carlcare, we are professional at repairing a mobile device that runs on Android, and our service is easy to book. If your Infinix X1 55 Smart 4K android develops any fault, visit our nearest office or book online if you would not like to stay long. What makes our service different is the fast response, easy repair, and bring your device back to life again.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enjoy a larger view with the best picture clarity, the Infinix X1 55 Android TV offers such a display, and it is portable for both hands. How you manage it determines its longevity. Nevertheless, if it develops a fault, Carlcare is always available for repair without causing further damage.