Smart TV Prices in Kenya 2022

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If you want the latest smart TV in Kenya, you can get a series of products from Infinix, Itel, and Syinix. Aside from getting a proper screen view and detailed colored scenes, users also get to enjoy a full HD. There are the latest smart TV prices in Kenya 2022, whose picture quality and screen resolution beautify home interiors. These smart TVs do not need to be nailed to the wall as they come with bezels, provided they are placed in a safe place.

Smart TV Prices in Kenya 2022

If you are an HD lover and want a cinematic view of your house, you should check out the latest flat screen price in Kenya. They are the latest ultra HD with the perfect condition and the latest innovation in screen quality. Ready to explore a unique view? Furthermore, these TVs are Android-inclined, which allows you to download apps and stream your favorite live TV. Below are the smart TV prices in Kenya in 2022 and important details about them.

Smart TV Prices in Kenya 2022

The latest smart TV prices in Kenya 2022 have lots of benefits and features. They are smart Android TV that allows users to download and store information on them. However, picture and sound quality are capable of making an environment lively. If you are checking out the smart TV prices in Kenya 2022, Infinix, itel & Syinix TV products. Here are some to consider

1. Itel TVs

Itel TVs have proven accepted among customers because of their screen resolution, and their presence in beautiful living rooms with bright colors. Aside from that, they slot seamlessly on the shelf, with bezels keeping them standing. Among the products is Itel 32 inches A3240GE HD TV sold at Ksh 17,500. It is an outstanding frameless TV with a stereo sound of 20 watts capable of giving cinematic feelings. It has voltage protection that protects the TV from getting damaged by a high current. There is a USB media player that can play flash and pen drives. The product also comes with a warranty of one year.

Itel 43" inches S4310AE Satellite ICast FHD TV is another Itel TV built-in satellite and has access to more than five hundred free satellite channels. The price is sold at Ksh 27, 500 and the other 43 inches are worth KSh. 33,500. With this, there is no need for a satellite TV subscription, and the decoder is designed for the TV. This means there is no need for an external decoder, and it can also connect to a phone screen. It also comes with a year warranty, and there is a voltage protector to protect it from damage. There are many more products to check out, and they come at a reasonable price.

2. Infinix TVs

Infinix smart TVs are known for their large screen size and having a known presence in the living room and wherever they are fixed. Their products are classic and well-designed, and they come in different niches. Among their product is the Infinix Smart TV 55, built with 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. It is powered by Android 9.0, which makes apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and lots more easily accessible. You can also use videos, audio, and photos, and it also screens mirrors Android phones. Users can also access it with multiple connections such as USB, HDMI, LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 with any device.

  • The Infinix Smart TV 43 inch is another 1920 x 1080 screen resolution suitable in taste and design sold at KSh 27,500. Android OS makes it open for different downloads of applications on the Google Play store. Furthermore, Smart TV 43 has an internal memory of 8GB to keep apps, media files, and other readable files. You can also stream apps such as YouTube, Amazon, and many more. Users can also delete files when the TV's internal space is filled.
  • Infinix TV 43 X1 model is another Infinix brand that comes with features that make it work seamlessly with the Infinix Life App. It is worth Ksh 33,500. The TV is programmed with Infinix 5.0 to make owners control it from a far distance using their smart TV. Connectivity connections on this device include Bluetooth 5.0HDMIWi-FiUSB, and LAN. The smallest among them is the Infinix Smart TV 32 inch, which is the smallest screen television and sold at Ksh 17,500. It comes with fun-filled apps such as DSTv Now, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, and others. Infinix products are part of the reasons Smart TV Prices in Kenya 2022 become popular.

3. Syinix TVs

With Syinix TVs, you get to enjoy another HD view that is bright and filled with loads of color. The first device among its TVs to check out is the Syinix 32-inch LED TV. It can be described as a combination of high-volume audio, high picture quality, and design which makes entertainment enjoyable in another dimension. What makes the price worth it is the ability to remove noise from the picture to make it clearer. It is worth Ksh 17,700

Another device is Syinix 43" LED FULL HD Android Smart TV sold at KSh 32,199 from the office. It comes with Android Google TV, more than 4500 apps, in-built free stabilizer built on the Android 9 operating system. There is also an in-built Wi-Fi, 2 x 10W stereo speaker, and lots more that makes it attractive. Syinix 55 Inch LED Ultra High Definition Android Smart TV is another brand worth Ks 60,000 with a 4K ultra HD view. Users can enjoy a bigger screen and other features of Smart TV, which makes it worth buying.

Other products include:

  • Syinix 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Digital LED Smart TV worth KSh 59,999,
  • Syinix 49T700F – 49 – Full HD Digital LED Smart TV worth KSh 46,000, and lots more.