Syinix 32" Smart TV: A Value for Money Investment for an Immersive Viewing Experience

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Syinix is a prominent home appliance brand in Kenya. Though many know them for their Smart TVs, Syinix also makes a vast collection of home appliances like AC, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and more.

Syinix has earned a solid reputation among Kenyan households, and with the Syinix A51 series, it can only get better. If you are looking for the Syinix 32" TV price in Kenya and where to get it, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know.

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Syinix 32" Android TV: Affordable Price in Kenya

You can get the Syinix 32 Inch Smart TV for around Ksh23,999 at their official store. Syinix has a functional e-Commerce store, making it super easy for anyone to grab their products. They also offer FREE DELIVERY and exciting discounts when you order from them.

Meanwhile, the Syinix A51 2k Smart Android TV isn’t the only 32” TV from the brand. If you're looking for something else, they have 32" digital TVs as well. You can access everything from their website.

Affordable Syinix 32" Smart TV with Rich Features in Kenya

How much do I need a get a reliable Android TV set in Kenya?

Well, the Syinix 32” TV is the perfect definition of "value for money," which goes a long way to say you don't have to break the bank to enjoy an immersive viewing experience at home or the office.

At around KSh. 23,999, the Syinix A51 2k Smart Android TV offers the features below.

A+ Grade panel with frameless design

What’s a Smart TV without an incredible display? That tells whether you'll enjoy watching the TV, even with its brilliant features. Thankfully, this Syinix 32” TV cannot disappoint when it comes to picture quality. Coming with a 32-inch A+ grade original panel, the Syinix A51 2K Smart Android TV produces rich, quality, and vibrant images with wider viewing angles.

Supporting HDR means you get vivid images with rich real-life colors and high dynamic range, irrespective of what you're watching. Meanwhile, the exceptional 2K+ resolution on a 32" TV means you get to see the most delicate details in every image. It’s always a super crisp and cinematic viewing experience with the Syinix 32” TV.  

Coming to the TV's design, features a stylish frameless design that adds beauty to your already artistic home.

Seamless Android TV integration

What makes this Syinix 32-inch LED TV smart is its seamless integration with the most popular TV software in the world – Android TV. The Syinix A51 Smart TV series is powered by Android TV 11.0, allowing you access to enjoy a smart life. With it, you get to discover 700,000+ movies and shows, explore 5000+ popular apps from the Google Play Store, stream content from your favorite platform, and enjoy the ease of life that comes with Google Assistant.

The Syinix A51 series is a certificated Android TV, meaning you don’t have to be worried about YouTube and Netflix not working. And with Google Assistant, you have access to the smartest assistant, bringing an enormous difference to how you use your TV. We'll get to that in a second.

Built-in Chromecast and Airplay

In addition to seamless Android TV integration, the Syinix A51 TV series and other Syinix TVs are bundled with built-in Chromecast and Airplay. Well, what that brings on board is your ability to cast content from small screens (like your smartphone and PC) to a large screen.

With it, you can cast that content you've been yearning to see on a big screen to the TV–all without cables. Chromecast and AirPlay work over a local wireless connection so you don't have to worry about wires and the internet.

Meanwhile, it's also worth mentioning that this TV is built with Personal Video Recorder (PVR) – a TV recording device that stores videos into a large internal hard disk drive.

It’s even better with Google Assistant and Voice Control.

Working with Google Assistant means all the smart features it brings to the TV. Like on Android phones, Google Assistant lets you control the entire TV just by talking to the remote. Whether you want to watch a movie, tune into a show, or play some music, you don’t have to stress yourself going through the menu. Just ask Google Assistant to fetch it for you.

Meanwhile, it'll also save you from finding movie titles with the awkward keyboard experience we usually have on TVs, as you don't have to type anything.

Besides quick playing and the Voice control stuff, Google Assistant on the Syinix TV A51 series also allows you to look up things on the internet as quickly as possible.

Incredible in-build sound with Dolby Audio

Most people already have a cinematic sound system in their homes. However, things might not work out just every time. If you ever need to blast sound directly from the TV, you won't have an issue. With a 24W dual speaker powered by Dolby Audio, you're assured of strong sound from this TV.

Whether you’re watching movies or playing music without an external sound system, you can count on the in-built 24W speaker.

Power regulator like a Pro

With the 32" Syinix A51 Smart Android TV, you never have to worry about an unstable power supply. Whether the current is too high or extremely low, the built-in stabilizer keeps the TV on and protects it from a power surge and high voltage.

Syinix 32'' Smart TV in Kenya: Final Thoughts

Syinix has many 32” TVs, including an HD LED digital TV, but the A51 series is the smartest one. If you're looking for a 32" Android Smart TV, it's one of the best you can get. With it, Syinix pursues innovative functional design using a frameless design and an A+ grade panel with 2K resolution.

Besides its crisp, picture-perfect display, the 32" Syinix A51 Smart TV has a friendly user interface and a lot of movies and apps to explore, thanks to seamless integration with Android TV 11.0. The experience gets better with Google Assistant, Bluetooth connection, built-in casting features, a functional sound system, and many more.

At under KSh.24,000, the Syinix A51 32” 2K Smart Android TV is a mix of value for money. Order it from Syinix now to start your cinematic viewing journey.