TECNO Camon 19 Screen Replacement

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Screen replacement is a common issue with mobile phones. For a mobile device such as TECNO Camon 19, screen problems are inevitable if you are not meticulous with the surface. When a screen problem occurs, it is essential to look for a reliable TECNO Camon 19 screen replacement for an effective technical repair. Below are details you need to know about TECNO camon 19. 

TECNO Camon 19 Screen Replacement

How Much Is TECNO Spark Screen In Kenya?

The price of a Tecno spark screen depends on where you are buying it. If you are buying in an unregistered shop, you will likely buy at a high price. Also, you will probably get a lower-quality screen that may last less than expected. If you are buying in a registered phone center, you are likely to get it between Ksh 2500 and Ksh 3000.

Buying a phone screen from any repair center guarantees buying one with a warranty. We strongly suggest you visit the Carlcare office where you will get a better one. Here are some info you should know about a good TECNO spark screen:

  • Clear Visuals
  • Good screen Flex
  • Clean screen surface
  • Fitted into your phone
  • There is no form of tape on its surface.

Please pay attention to these details as they are vital to getting a suitable replacement. More so, buying a new bad TECNO spark screen is likely to reduce your phone's longevity because it requires unscrewing your phone. 

What Is The Price Of TECNO Spark Screen Display?

Suppose you are looking to replace your TECNO spark screen display. In that case, it is advisable to constantly follow up on product promotion and low price promo. Also, endeavor to find out if your phone is under warranty because it allows you to repair your phone at a meager price. 

Carlcare is a trusted great value reviews blog where you get necessary info about popular product promotion on TECNO devices.

Below are pricing estimates in Kenya shillings for the TECNO brand you need a new screen replacement for:







TECNO SPARK 4/ 4 lite















You must note that prices change depending on the general market price. However, you can walk into Carlcare for these screen replacements and get them at a reasonable price.

How Much Is A Phone Screen Repair?

If you are looking for a TECNO Camon 19 screen replacement in Kenya, Carlcare offers a pocket-friendly price. At Carlcare, we understand the importance of quality screen service and good customer experience. There are various screen issues our professionals have faced with screen repair:

Broken Screen

This kind of screen problem occurs when your screen gets hit with an object. It could also be accidentally sitting on your phone screen, or it falls from a high distance.

Cracked Screen

A cracked screen can be the glass protecting your screen from getting broken. It is not usually serious, but there are situations where the cracked glass affects the screen.

Water Damage

Any situation that gets water into your phone screen. Hardly can any touch screen survive water on its surface. In a water damage situation, screen replacement is imminent.

We always advise customers to take advantage of promotional low price great offers during promo. As a top-notch TECNO Camon 19 screen replacement plug, you can also check our reviews blog seller portal on how we process the replacement work. If your screen is still under warranty from your manufacturer, the repair is instantly processed without delay.

How Big Is The Screen On The TECNO Spark 8?

TECNO Spark 8 screen is measured at 6.5 inches, has an IPS LCD screen, and has a 720 x 1600 pixels resolution. It offers a top-notch view that brings out the detailed graphics of a video and picture while ensuring a full-color view. This means TECNO Spark 8 has an LCD screen that ensures your view is clear.

Tips To Taking Care Of Your TECNO Screen

There are ways to ensure your TECNO screen lasts longer. While you are enjoying the screen touch and watching images, do the following to preserve your screen longevity:

Get Screen Protector

Screen protection could be a pouch, protective film, or tags that can ensure your screen is protected from hard objects. It is also advisable to get a very thick pouch so that when your phone falls, the weight effect can be absorbed by the pouch's thickness.

Keep Your Phone Screen From The Sun

Many Android users do not know this, but the sun has enough capacity to weaken a phone screen, especially when it is shining at its brightest. Keeping it away from the sun reduces any chances for static discharge.

Do Not Apply Protective Film Directly

Remove any protective film that is directly to your screen surface because it dents the screen view. If care isn't taken, it is likely to crack the class. Instead, apply a screen glass first and then use the protective film.

Buying A Screen Online

While you may visit a blog seller portal, it is advisable to be careful, especially when such a blog offers some price great value reviews. You should visit a physically registered store to check the screen out yourself. Nevertheless, Carlcare remains the only viable alternative to get a screen, and we do proper testing for your phone before fixing it. 

Also, for an assured TECNO Camon 19 screen replacement, please get in touch with us on our official website by filling in your details and location using the Book Online button. 

Why You Should Visit Carlcare

If you are looking for a once-and-for-all TECNO Camon 19 screen replacement, Carlcare not only assures such, but it ensures a long-lasting repair. Our spare parts come with a warranty that lasts for as long as you take proper care of your phone while you enjoy 90 degree view. Visit us today with your TECNO phone, and we will swiftly fix it.