TECNO Spark 8 Screen Replacement Price in Kenya

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TECNO Spark 8 screen replacement price in Kenya is determined by where you purchase the screen. Before buying a new screen, always ensure to know the suitable place to buy and if they are reputable for highest quality supplied store. With Carlcare as your phone repair service, you are at the right place. Let’s explore important information about the TECNO Spark 8 screen. 

How Much Is Tecno Spark Screen in Kenya?

TECNO Spark phone comes in a different version. The question is, which one are you buying, and where are you buying it from? Furthermore, what kind of screen problem you face determines how long the repair process takes. If your screen is broken, cracked, or damaged, the solution is getting a new, complete LCD screen.

While it is easy to get a new screen anywhere, you must look out for a service where installation is highly recommended by reviewers. TECNO Spark 8 screen replacement price in Kenya experience is also cool if the repairer screen warranty seal is intact. Failure to have a warranty means you are in line to spend more.

However, if you use a registered phone repair center, you will likely get your TECNO Spark screen between 4000 to 8000 KSh. There are different spark versions. Specifically, the TECNO Spark 8 screen is worth around Ksh 13,000. Sometimes, you could get it at a lesser price, especially during promo and other exciting offers.

What Is the Price of Tecno Spark Screen Display?

The price of a Tecno Spark screen display is about what is needed for your screen. Repairing, how long you have to wait to get it, can take days. The shop will also vary depending on how many people are waiting to get their phones fixed. 

Nevertheless, such is not the case with Carlcare as you do not have to wait for long, thanks to our technician who understand their niche perfectly. When you walk into any of our offices, you can bypass staying longer to avoid long waiting times and queues at our service center. All you need to do is use the Book Now under the Book a Phone Repair Online.

If you are also interested in doing research about prices, you can check out some prominent online shops. However, it is advisable not to rely on online orders, but take your time to work into any Carlcare office for inquiry. Kindly note that you are advised to avoid long waiting times and queues at our service center by going to our official website to book an appointment. Once you save your online booking details, walk in, and present evidence, you will be attended to immediately.

How Much Is a Phone Screen Repair?

A phone screen repair entails replacing your screen through a completely fit and working on your phone by unscrewing. Also, the replacement touchscreen digitizer requires time to bond properly with the phone’s components. When fixing the phone’s screen, do not be in a rush because many have fallen victim to a bad screen replacement. Please test the screen to ensure it works properly and wait for some time.

With Carlcare repairing your phone, such is not the case as we have quality screen digitizer and LCD inclined designed to last longer under the right care. Our technicians know the know-how method to couple screen flex LCD screen and touch surface to ensure it is working properly.

You can get a repair service between 8000 to 9000 Ksh, depending on the severity of the damages incurred. There are situations where the repair goes beyond screen replacement, and other parts might also suffer some complications. While our screen replacement service is top-notch, should there be any untimely damage, please contact us immediately.

If replacement requires removing just the screen, you will get the phone back the same day. If we are dealing with a water-damaged screen, you might need to come back the next day or wait more, depending on our assessment. 

How Big Is the Screen on the Tecno Spark 8?

The TECNO Spark 8 screen display size is 6.52 inches. It has a dimension of 164.8 x 76.1 x 9.2mm. Along with flex bonded joined LCD screen, it offers clear graphic images and video display for your pleasurable view. This is the reason every Android user must get the necessary protection for their phone screen to avoid getting hit or dropped mistakenly.

With Carlcare as your TECNO Spark 8 screen replacement price in Kenya, be sure of getting what you experience with your original screen. You can also purchase a screen protector and pouch, all at a pocket-friendly price. 

After the repair of your phone screen, please check to ensure your phone is intact, as we will immediately address it before leaving our office. Except for screen coloration, we will charge for water damage or broken screens depending on the severity.  

Quality of a Good Tecno Spark 8 Screen

While the TECNO Spark 8 mobile device has features suitable for users’ experience, it is not complete without a good screen. With a quality screen in place, clear images and video shoots are good to go regardless of the weather. 

You do not have to worry about the phone operating by itself. Generally, a bad screen can often put you in a situation you did not bargain for if it is not immediately addressed. It could be placing unnecessary calls or leaking something meant for your privacy. With Carlcare as your TECNO Spark 8 screen replacement price in Kenya, be confident of quality replacement service that comes at a fair price.

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Log on to our official website, to find out our nearest office to your location. You can also use the service of being texted the address if you need clarification on locating our office. With us, the TECNO Spark 8 screen replacement price in Kenya just got better. Walk in, present your phone, and state what happened. If the screen situation isn’t critical, be sure to get your phone back within some minutes.