Play And Win Spark 9T With Carlcare Farm Game

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Jide Mbaka

With Carlcare, one thing you can be sure of is the fact that we care so much about our loyal customers. We’ve come again with another fantastic promotion. Even if you’re a new customer, you are not left behind because we care for you too. 

Here is another opportunity to win Spark 9T this December with Carlcare farm game. All you have to do to win this prize is to follow the rules below.

Rules on how to play and win this game

An easy task is required for the process. You will have a chance to win the prize if you properly keep to these rules. Below are they:

  1. Complete the task to get the corresponding feed.
  2. The amount of feed obtained for different tasks is different. You can only receive feed once a day for login, reservation, and repair.
  3. Invite friends to make reservation and repair unlimited times per day, and you can get the feed after they successful repair
  4. Please receive the task feed in 3 days. The feed will be refreshed when a new task is completed.
  5. Chicken will continue to promote egg maturity when they eat feed.
  6. Different quantities of mature eggs can be exchanged for different prizes.
  7. Please fill in your information to get the prize, otherwise it will be regarded as giving up the prize if it expires.
  8. We will contact and distribute prizes within 30 days after the event ends.
  9. Carlcare reserves the right to interpret the event.

Note: Event time is between December 1st - December 31st.

Hurry and play to win before it gets too late. Join and participate in the raffle draw right away!


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