Play Carlcare Puzzle Game And Win Camon 19 Pro

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To guarantee that our wide base of clients reap the benefits of putting their trust in us for their mobile phone and electronic service, Carlcare is back with another exciting and unique promotion. Are you a current or potential customer? Do you have any immediate plans to use our services? No matter what, you can participate in this promotion where you can play a puzzle and possibly win Camon 19 Pro and a variety of good prizes.

In this current promotion, Carlcare gives you the chance to see what it's like to use the Carlcare app by playing a puzzle and you get a chance to win the Camon 19 Pro, Oraimo Traveler 160 16000mAh high capacity dual output, and more that can lighten your mood.

Rules on how to play and win this Puzzle game

A simple task is necessary for the process. If you carefully follow these rules, you will get a chance of winning the prizes. Below are they:

  1. Log into Carlcare App and you will get 1 puzzle price per day.
  2. Make a reservation successfully everyday, you will get 2 pieces of puzzle(maximum 5 times per day).
  3. Complete the repair reservation order, you will get 5 pieces of puzzle(maximum 5 times per day).
  4. Invite a new customer to register Carlcare App and you will get 2 pieces of puzzle(maximum 5 times).
  5. You can get 1 puzzle piece by scanning the offline QR code of the store(Maximum 3 times per day).
  6. Every time you complete a puzzle, you will get a chance to draw a lottery.
  7. Please submit your correct information within contest period if your successfully redeem, otherwise, it’s deemed to give up the prize.
  8. The use of any means of deception is strictly forbidden. Once found, the account and ID will be blocked. The final interpretation of the contest belongs to Carlcare. If you have any questions, please consult:

Note: Event time is between August 16th - September 30th .

Hurry and play to win before it get too late. Join and participate in the raffle draw right away!

Any question related to this Puzzle Game, please go to Carlcare online and consult. 


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