8 factors to consider when choosing a phone repair shop

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Jide Mbaka

Smartphones manufacturing has changed over the years; right from when we have phones with small displays, small batteries, huge panels, and phones in huge sizes; to when we now have midrange and flagship phones where all the parts are made to be more pleasing and comfortable to use.

However, no matter how these phones are built, they still encounter problems such as broken screen, depreciated battery life and all other problems when the phone becomes unusable. Yes, when your smartphone is broken, it won’t work as it is when you first purchased it. In a case where the screen is broken, scrolling through pages won’t feel nice, you may even end up having cuts on your fingers.

While this dilemma can be frustrating most of the time, the good part of it is that you can always find a phone repair shop to fix any broken part of the phone for you.

However, choosing the best phone repairer for your phone is not that lenient as when you want to buy a new phone. Of course, you may end up visiting a phone repair shop that will completely damage your phone in the process of repairing it. That is why we put up the guides below to help you choose the best Cell phone repair shop  for your smartphone.



Phone Repair quality

The first thing to look out for when you get to a phone repair shop is the environment and workspace where the technician works. A good repairer should be equipped with tools and skills enough to diagnose and repair your device.

Some shops lack essential tools; some even make use of poor equipment such candles, it may end up damaging your phones' mainboard and you may end up losing all of your files in the process.

Repair experience

As said at that beginning of this post, smartphones components are being improved and new features are discovered and implemented on new devices each year. An inexperienced repairer may probably end up damaging your phone if he's not familiar with its component.

Endeavour to always ask if the repairer is familiar with your device or if he has repaired something related before accepting to repair phone there. More so, it's better to repair your smartphones at official repair centres because they know more about their products. Example of that is Carlcare, the official after-sales service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and itel devices.

Replacement parts

Apart from having a good repair experience, another thing you should beware of, when looking for a mobile phone repair shop is the type of replacement parts they use. If you have repaired one recently and you notice it stops working after a short time, it is perhaps relating to the spare parts.

It is very crucial to confirm that the repairer gets all their spare parts from a credible manufacturer.


 A decent and competent phone repair shop will always guarantee you a very high success rate and also give you an additional warranty that gives you access to return for repair if, possibly anything goes wrong with your phone thereafter.

If a shop doesn't give you a warranty, it is better not to repair the phone there. You cannot tell if there will be a problem after the repair.

Cost of repair

It's quite reasonable to always compare prices in some phone repair shops before concluding to make the repair. Although, the price charged at official repair centres may be high, due to the quality of repair they offer, the quality can be guaranteed.  However, if the repair price is too cheap than required, it's perhaps a sign that they won't make use of genuine spare parts.


As it is always said that 'The two most powerful warriors are patience and time', the time proposed to finish repairing your phone varies depending on the type of phone, model, brand, and the issue you have with it.

Regardless of what issue it is, it is advisable to choose a cell phone repair shop that can repair your phone in the possible shortest amount of time. It saves you time to complete other works or activities on the phone. Normally, the time required to repair a phone should take up to an hour or two.

Delivery service

Repairing your smartphone these days shouldn't intensify you. It is advisable to choose a repair shop that offers some value-added services such as home delivery service. It saves your money for transportation and also makes it comfortable for you. You can also save some time that can be used for something else rather than walking to a shop to collect your phone after repair.

Online reservation

Booking an online reservation to repair your smartphone makes it a lot easier. In some cases where there are many people waiting at the centre to get their phone repaired, online reservation lets you have priority over others. That is, you don't have to wait on the queue all-day to get your phone repaired and it also saves some time used for consultation.

Having enlightened you on factors to consider when choosing a mobile phone repair shop, we suggest you go to the official after-sales service center to get your phone repaired. If your phone is Infinix, TECNO or itel and needs to find a nearest phone repair shop, Carlcare can get you covered. Carlcare is the only accredited after-sales service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and Itel. Additionally, we also repair other brands like Samsung, iPhone.