Carlcare offers free Screen replacement service for Infinix, TECNO, or itel in Pakistan

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Muhammad Akmal

It’s quite frustrating when your phone’s screen is accidentally damaged after it falls out of your hand on the ground. A cracked phone screen is not cheap to be repaired but actually you can take precautions to reduce the financial worry. When it comes to protecting your phone screen, the first thing that comes into your mind is perhaps to buy a screen protector. However, many people just ignore the necessity of screen protection plan from the official service provider.

 180 days free screen replacement

180 days free screen replacement service card for Infinix, TECNO and itel 

CarlCare is here to make it all possible for you. Carlcare, the official after-sales service brand for Infinix, TECNO, and Itel users in Pakistan is throwing out a free 5 days screen replacement service card. If you accidentally broke or damaged your smartphone’s screen, Carlcare will fix it for free within the warranty period of the service card activation.  Here’s a catch, you can only buy the screen protection service card only if your phone is within the first 100 days of activation. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your screen protection card today for your newly-bought smartphone.

Why Choose Carlcare Screen Protection service for your Smartphone’s Screen Replacement?

Carlcare provides a screen protection plan for your peace of mind in case your smartphone’s screen gets damaged. The key benefits under the plan are:-

  • Long Time Warranty

When you sign up for the screen protection service from Carlcare, stop worrying about the cost of screen replacement after an awful accident. Make that grim stay away from your face during the period of your plan.

  • Original Spare Parts

Carlcare is renowned for the originality of our services and we only use the spare parts produced by the smartphone’s brand. All you have to do is bring your damaged smartphone to our service center and rest assured, we will take care of a good repair outcome.

  • Certified Technicians

Being the official service providers verified by the smartphone brands, Carlcare has a team of certified technicians who are highly trained to do their job. We don’t with unskilled technicians and we take care of every single part that gets changed. With the screen protection card, you get free repair of your phone damaged by an accident collision, fall, crushing, or squeezing during the warranty period.

  • Professional Customer Support

We have an around-the-clock helpline where you can reach out to our professionals with your queries. You can also book your appointment for whatever issue you are facing with our service. Schedule a time for the store visit and our humble staff will ensure that you don’t leave unsatisfied.

  • Resists the Amount of Risk

Apart from poor batteries that don’t last for the full day, cracked screens are the worse for smartphones. Nothing’s worse than having splits design across your smartphone’s screen. When such things happen, a lot of thoughts come into your mind and make you worried about the cost and risks involved. 

But, with a screen protection service at your hand from Carlcare, you can stay worry-free during these times. Just bring your smartphone to us and we will take care of whatever damage was caused by the accident. However, even when you plan to re-sale your phone for whatever reasons, you get a better value if you have subscribed for a screen protection plan.

The price for 180 days free screen replacement service for Infinix, TECNO and itel

 Here, you can check the detailed price for such 5 days free screen replacement service card for Infinix, TECNO and itel mobile phones.

Service Name Brand  Model/Series Service Period Price-PKR
Broken Screen Card TECNO SPARK&POUVOIR 180DAYS 700
Broken Screen Card INFINIX HOT&SMART 1100
Broken Screen Card TECNO CAMON 1300
Broken Screen Card INFINIX NOTE&S 1300
Broken Screen Card TECNO PHANTOM 1300
Broken Screen Card INFINIX ZERO 1300
Broken Screen Card itel / 400


Where to Buy the Screen Protection service card for Inflinix, TECNO, and Itel?

You can easily buy the screen protection card for Infinix, TECNO or itel mobile phone from a Carlcare service center near you. Before you come to our service center, you can also make a reservation here below