Why Are Apps Not Opening On Android Phone?

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Muhammad Akmal

Why Are Apps Not Opening On Android Phone?

It's frustrating when your apps won't open. The worst time is when you have an ongoing emergency and need to open it immediately to continue. But why is it that apps not opening on Android phones? And not just one, sometimes, all apps not opening Android? We have curated a very concise list of the probable issues you may be facing and the recommended step-by-step solution for each problem.

App Crashes: Update

The most typical source of irritation is when an app opens and closes in a flash. Because of the diversity of their hardware and software, Android phones are more prone to crashes. Developers may not code apps to work fully with XYZ combinations of hardware and software. This is why you end up with apps not opening on Android phones.

The best thing to do is, to keep your software updated and also update the app. The app version may not be in sync with the software of your phone. Another reason would be certain bug fixes that developers keep releasing. Thus, discrepancies like these may cause frequent crashes.

Force stop

Another quick solution is to force stop the app through settings.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the Apps
  • Choose the desired app
  • Then hit “Force Stop”

As a result, the app will shut down completely and its RAM will be emptied. You can now reopen the app to see if it is still working properly. Android has a tool called a force to stop that comes in handy in these scenarios and prevents apps not opening Android phones.

Data Clean up

There’s a lot of unused data in apps that are just laying around without a purpose. Regular cleanups are essential when you’re using your phone for almost all your tasks throughout the day. The backlog can restrict you from opening apps and leads to crashes.

Here’s how you clear up data on individual apps:

  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Click on the individual app from the list
  • Click on delete storage

Once you’re done, you will have to re-setup the app, unfortunately. But at least, it will function properly.

Cache cleanup

With consistent app usage, cache tends to pile up and decrease your storage capacity automatically. This blocks the device from using its ROM and RAM capacity to the fullest. The device ends up becoming slower and deteriorates over time. Therefore, it is recommended you clear up cache as frequently as possible to avoid apps not opening on android phones.

To clear up cache, follow the following:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tao on Storage
  • Tap on cached data
  • Hit Delete when the dialogue box pops open


If you’re still wondering “why can’t I open my apps on my Android phone” even after following all the steps, then you have to stick to the layman’s advice and try deleting the app and then reinstalling it. It’s the most basic step to resort to, but it works.

This will ensure that all your credentials will still be backed up on the cloud and you can go back to using the app as it is, once you re-download it.

Auto-sync with Google and Reset

When you purchase a new Android phone and set it up, it always asks you to start off with a primary google account that sets the base for all the back-ups that your phone may ever need to go through. Once you have synced all this data on a regular basis, factory resets are not that challenging. If you’re facing recurring issues with apps not functioning well, then a hard reset to bump up the system wouldn't be such a profound idea.

Following these steps will allow you to factory reset your phone after you've made the right call:

  • Pop open settings
  • Scroll down to system preferences
  • Click on advanced
  • Find the reset options
  • Hit “Reset all settings and Data”

Note: A factory reset will wipe out your data on your phone so you should back up the data before doing so. 

You're ready to go if it's fixed. If not, repeat the process for any other troublesome apps and remove them one at a time. It's a time-consuming task, but it's well worth the effort.