Carlcare offers 180 days warranty extension service for Phantom X

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Carl Paige

Have you always feel underwhelmed when your smartphone is about to hit the ideal 13 months warranty expiration date? That's about to get a turnaround as Phantom X hits the market in the coming weeks!

As the official after-sales service provider for TECNO smartphone users, we’re here again with another value-filled service to compensate our esteemed customers who purchase the upcoming TECNO Phantom X smartphone in Kenya.

This time, we’re offering a “180 days warranty extension service” for the TECNO Phantom X owners in Kenya. Hence, you will enjoy an extra 6 months of free repair services at Carlcare. And when merged with the initial 13 months warranty offered by TECNO, you get a whopping 19 months warranty service for the TECNO Phantom X at Carlcare in Kenya.

Note: In essence, this exclusive VIP service is only available in Kenya for any Phantom X device purchased and activated between June 15th, 2021, and June 15th, 2023.

You'll be eligible for the warranty extension service automatically after activating your new Phantom X. Here's more detail about the exclusive package.

 180 days warranty extension for Phantom x

What’s the Special VIP Service for Phantom X in Kenya?

New smartphones come with exciting features and refreshing looks. However, that doesn’t guarantee them to be 100% error-free. That’s where the initial – usually 1 year – warranty surfaces to provide free repair service for such an error.

But what happens if your device gets faulty naturally in just a few weeks after your warranty has expired? You already know the answer…

But on the flip side, the special VIP service for Phantom X in Kenya gives you another chance to enjoy free in-warranty repair service for the device at Carlcare.

Based on the standard 13 months warranty service known for TECNO devices, we’re offering an extra 180 days warranty service for Phantom X users in Kenya. By doing so, you get a total of 19 months of warranty service for this device if your Phantom X phone is activated between June 15th, 2021, and June 15th, 2023.

During the period, you’re liable to enjoy free in-warranty repair services at any Carlcare service center of your choice for 19 months.

Where can you enjoy the VIP service?

The 180 days warranty extension service for Phantom X users is brought to you by Carlcare and you can enjoy the service at any Carlcare-accredited service center around you in Kenya.

Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and itel, providing users with high-quality repair and customer care services. With close to a decade of experience in the mobile repair industry, Carlcare has built a solid reputation for itself as a brand that prioritizes its customers and would never take them for granted.

To mention a little, three of the outstanding factors that have brought us this far are our well-trained and competent technicians, provision of genuine spare, and keeping our customers first. That shows clearly in our motto: Yes We Care!

After activating your new Phantom X in Kenya, we will extend your warranty to 19 months. And during the period, you can get your Phantom X repaired for free if broken down naturally or because of quality issues from the factory.

Note: free warranty repair services do not include damages caused by the user's mishandling. Such damages include broken screens after a hard drop, water damages, etc.

Get to know the latest Phantom X

Phantom X is the next budget-friendly flagship device from TECNO. While we expected it to hit the market last year, TECNO skipped it and surprised us by launching the CAMON 16 Premier as its first-class device instead.

According to rumors and speculations circulating the internet, the Phantom X might feature a 90Hz curved AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint. We also expected it to feature a more powerful processor and at least 256GB of inbuilt storage and 8GB of RAM.

Like recent TECNO devices, the Phantom X is expected to run Android 11 and all the new HiOS 7.6 features out of the box.

Overall, we expect nothing less than an exemplary performance, excellent battery life plus fast charging speed, outstanding build, and other unexpected features on the TECNO Phantom X.