Where to Fix Cracked itel TV Screen

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Televisions are part of the global fabric. Over the years TV  has become an essential household commodity among home appliances and that is why, when a TV is damaged, people seek repair services immediately.

Hint: Check the warranty

Itel brand TVs have become increasingly popular in recent years. The Itel TVs come with a 12-month assured warranty in Kenya. Hence, within the warranty period, repairs are free of charge unless physical damage. This Warranty Policy is only observed by the sole authorized Itel TV after-sales service provider, the Carlcare Service Centre. At Carlcare, repairs are done both in warranty and out of warranty for the Itel and other Carlcare brand products. Customers are at an advantage when seeking repair services for their TVs in Carlcare.

Where to Fix Cracked itel TV Screen

Where to Fix Cracked itel TV Screen

As a customer, this means that your TV will be handled by professional technicians during the repair. It also means that the parts affected by the physical impact will be replaced by only the original parts. That way, your cracked TV screen will be as good as new after repair. To find the nearest Carlcare service center, you can go to our website, and under the 'Location' section, you will be able to search for a service center near you. Besides, you can also download the Carlcare app and make an appointment to fix the cracked itel TV screen.

Why you should trust Carlcare with your Itel TV repair

Carlcare is the only authorized Itel TV after-sales, service provider. The spare parts we use are directly from the manufacturer thus guaranteeing you the best quality. Other than that, here are other reasons why you should trust Carlcare with your broken Itel TV screen:

  • Carlcare is a reputable service center with many positive reviews from different customers.
  • The repair prices at Carlcare  are pocket-friendly
  • There are service centers in all major towns in Kenya and collection points in many different parts of these towns. This makes it easy for all Itel TV owners to access repair services.
  • The repair standards have been set by Itel manufacturers ensuring only the best quality for their customers.

Even though the screen is the most vulnerable part of your Itel TV, thus the screen repair, there are other TV repair services effectively offered by Carlcare. They include:

  • Motherboard repair
  • Speaker repair
  • Software repair
  • TV cable repair

Feel free to visit your nearest Carlcare service center for your Itel TV repair services. If you have any questions regarding the same, you can also call the Carlcare hotline number 0709698000 for assistance.

Carlcare is the only authorized Itel service provider in Kenya, with service centers in major cities and towns in the country. This means that, as an Itel TV owner, you have access to repair services for your TV no matter your city of residence. What’s more, Carlcare has highly skilled technicians with years of repair experience.

Hint: Check your phone warranty status or Check your phone repair status