Where can I Repair my TECNO Tablet Screen?

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The TECNO tablets, which come in different models such as 7d, 10d, win pad 10, and more, are increasingly popular around the world, particularly among young people. When you buy TECNO tablets, you are assured of the strong and professional after-sales service provided by Carlcare. If you have any TECNO tablet screen repair requirements, Carlcare is where you can find high-quality and reliable repair services.

First of all, let’s take a look at some common problems facing tablets.

Where can I Repair my TECNO Tablet Screen?

  • Draining Battery- When you encounter this problem, turn on the battery-saving mode and reduce the brightness of the tablet.
  • Overheating- For this problem, avoid using your phone when charging but if the problem persists, then you need to visit a local Carlcare service center.
  • Screen Hanging-The screen sometimes may not respond as it should. When you notice this, delete some apps that you may not need, and also you can restart your tablet. But first of all, ensure you back up important data.
  • Not Charging-In such a case ensure you are using the original charger and cable, and make sure the power source is good. You can also check the charging port and clean off the dust.

Where can I Repair my TECNO Tablet Screen?

If the problems can’t be solved by quick fixes, then you are advised to visit a local Carlcare service center to fix the TECNO tablet screen. Carlcare service centers offer after-sales services to all Tecno tablets.

Before visiting the Carlcare service center, assess the damage to your phone, whether physical or not. E.g, check if the charging system is damaged or maybe the screen has a crack. Also, check the warranty status of your tablet.

How to check the warranty status of your Tablet

Hint: Check your phone warranty

  1. Download and Open the Carlcare app.

Where can I Repair my TECNO Tablet Screen?

  1. Click on the warranty sign.

Where can I Repair my TECNO Tablet Screen?

  1. Enter your serial number(IMEI) in the part shown.

Where can I Repair my TECNO Tablet Screen?


If your tablet is still under warranty, you will not be charged for the repair. If it is out of warranty, eg broken screen, you can check the price of the screen by opening the Carlcare app> clicking on the price> selecting the brand and model of your phone.  An estimated price will appear on the screen. The actual price will be determined after the inspection results at the service center.

After confirming the warranty status, it's time to visit the Carlacre service center. You can make a reservation online. Making a reservation before visiting the service center will reduce the amount of time you spend at the service.

To make a reservation; Open the Carlcare app> click on reservation> fill in the details as shown and also state briefly the condition of your tablet > Take a screenshot once you have submitted your details. The screenshot will be required once you get to the service center.

Also, you can go directly to the service center to have your tablet repaired. Open the Carlcare app and search for the nearest Carlcare service center.

Hint: Check your phone warranty status or Check your phone repair status