How Wireless Charger Works

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How Wireless Charger Works

How wireless charger works: Explained

You would not be the odd one out if you are wondering how a wireless charger works and how safe it is to use it on your device. It is not easy to accept that the same device you have used a wired charger to power for so long, can now have its battery power charged with a wireless charger.

Some android phone users would like to use wireless chargers, but still have many questions in their minds about how wireless chargers work. This article is just for you.

  • What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is not a recent innovation, even though it only became popular in this century. Wireless charging simply means that you can charge your phone or device without a charging cable. You just have to place it face up on a special surface and it will start charging. Several smartphones are compatible with wireless charging. If your phone does not come with the wireless charging option, there is a case that you can put on it to enable wireless charging.

Qi wireless charging is a popular wireless charging standard for portable gadgets like smartphones. All you do is plug the charging pad and place the phone on top. There are other wireless charging standards for other devices and gadgets.

There are the charging pads that use tightly-coupled electromagnetic inductive charging, and there are the charging bowls or through-surface type chargers that use radiative electromagnetic resonant charging that can transmit charges a few centimeters away; as well as the uncoupled radio frequency (RF) wireless charging that allows charging some feet away.

That said, you can use any wireless charger on your phone as long as your smartphone is compatible with the wireless charging standard provided. You don’t have to worry about faulty charging ports or bad charger cables with this wireless charging option. It is also called cordless charging since it does not make use of cords or wires.

There are different wireless chargers in the market, and they may operate slightly differently. However, the principles that guide them are similar so if you understand one, you should be able to find your way around any other one.

  • How does a wireless phone charger works

A wireless charger works by transmitting electricity or battery charge through the air. An induction coil is placed in the charging base, and it creates a magnetic field that serves as the antenna for transmitting energy. The coil on the phone (usually at the back) receives this energy via electromagnetic induction and uses its system to convert it into usable energy for the phone battery.

The way wired charging works is similar to how wireless charger works, although wireless chargers charge more slowly especially when the phone has a fast-charging technology. Some wireless chargers are faster than others, but generally, a wireless charger will not charge as fast as a wired charger would.

Does a wireless charger need to be plugged in

People tend to use the wireless charger whichever way they want and expect to get maximum results. To understand how to use a wireless charger, you should check the user manual that came with your wireless charger.

Generally, the transmitter and the receiver have to be close and properly aligned to each other. The phone may heat up a little during wireless charging, but the heat is not much different from wired charging.

Besides charging slower than a wired charger, a wireless charger gets much slower when the phone goes further away from the charger. The magnetic field is strongest at the center. The farther away the phone is from the transmitter, the less energy it will receive from the magnetic field, and for phones which require so much energy to get charged, you might wait forever to get them fully charged.

This means that you have to keep the phone close to the transmitter, even though it is not plugged in. After more than 5cm distance, the charge is reduced to almost nothing. There are still ongoing researches to make this process more energy-efficient.

How do I enable wireless charging on Android?

Most recent iPhones and some smartphones will come with the wireless charging feature built into them. If your device has the built-in wireless charging feature, all you need are these 3 easy steps.

  • Plug the wireless charger into a power outlet.
  • Place your phone on top of the charging pad. Once the receiver and transmitter come in contact with each other, the phone will start charging.
  • After charging, unplug the wireless charger from power.

If your device does not come with the in-built feature, here is how to enable wireless phone charging on your android.

  • Buy a Qi receiver so that your phone can receive induction signals/charges from a wireless charger.
  • Get a compatible wireless charger. Ensure that it is compatible with the receiver.
  • Plug the Qi receiver into your micro USB port.
  • Connect your wireless charger to a power outlet.
  • Place your phone on top of the charging pad, in a way that the Qi receiver is in between the back of your phone and the surface of the charging pad.
  • Once they connect, your phone screen will light up to show you that it is charging.
  • Let it charge fully, and then unplug the wireless charger.

Note that a wrong kind of phone case may interfere with Conductive wireless charging. Plastic or glass cases work fine with wireless charging, but if yours refuses to work, you may need to take the case off completely.


Wireless charging is designed to make life easier for you with the inductive charging feature so that you do not have to carry cords everywhere you go. You also need

Looking at how wireless charger works, you can see that you also have to keep your wireless charger safe as it may be a bit fragile depending on the type you get.