Infinix S5 Price in Kenya

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Infinix S5 Price in Kenya

Launched in 2019, the Infinx S5 series created hype around customers. Infinix is known for launching advanced features at a minimal cost of Infinix S5 Price in Kenya for their customers. Also, they are known for providing durable specifications that allow the user to execute a lot of functions. From the S5 series of smartphones, the Infinix S5 pro price is the highest of all and, hence, it has more Infinix S5 pro specs than other mobile phones in the series.

If you have doubts about picking up these three smartphones, then we have collated all the important data for you. This will help you decide on the suitable phone for your needs. So, let’s dive deeper into the details

Infinix S5 Price in Kenya

Pricing – all the phone series, starting with the most expensive

Infinix S5 Pro – The Infinix S5 Pro price is set at around KSh. 21,900 in the Kenyan market. One can easily get their hands on the smartphone from any nearby store. The device is known for the camera and other specs that make it a powerhouse. Also, the device holds a 40MP pop-up camera at the front that lets you capture amazing images.

Infinix S5 – The smartphone Infinix S5 Price in Kenya is somewhere around KSh. 16,400 and it ranges up to KSh. 19,500 as per the specifications. This mobile phone provides a 32 MP in-display front camera to capture all the beautiful moments. And the display infinity O display has perfect curves on the sides. All these features provide an immersive user experience.

Infinix S5 Lite – Coming to the Lite version of the series S5, this device costs around KSh. 15,499, which makes it the cheapest of the S5 series. Well, the price might be less than other phones, but the device provides great performance. You get a triple camera setup at the back and the front features a 16MP in-display camera, which is a great addition to a budgeted smartphone.

Cameras – Main and Selfie Camera

Infinix S5 Pro – The S5 Pro was launched and the users went head over heels for the front camera. The device has the first 40MP pop-up front camera and at the back, the device boasts a triple camera setup with a 48 MP main camera.

Infinix S5 – Equipped with a 32 MP in-display camera, the device has an exotic shape. The AI technology provides a clear picture and true-to-life colors that provide immersive output. You also get a quad-camera setup at the back with a 16 MP wide-angle camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens, a depth field camera, and an AI lens.

Infinix S5 Lite – Imagine the cheapest smartphone in a series with a 32 MP front camera. The S5 lite provides a 32 MP front camera with a 16 MP wide camera at the back with another 3 cameras.

Performance and processing speed

Infinix S5 Pro – The Infinix S5 pro includes an MT6765 Octa-Core Processor and 6GB of RAM that provides ultra-fast performance for users. The device works on a smooth fluid performance with a 2.3 GHz chipset frequency.

Infinix S5 – When it comes to performance, the Infinix S5 doesn’t let the users down with such a low Infinix S5 Price in Kenya for the fans. The device features different variants to choose from the RAM size. You get 6 GB of RAM and a 2.0 GHz clock rate from the processor that provides optimal performance.

Infinix S5 Lite – The only difference between the lite version and the superior version is the Infinix S5 lite price and RAM size. You get 4 GB RAM but with an octa-core processor boasting a 2 GHz clock rate that offers lag-free gaming.

Crystal-clear display and screen resolution

Infinix S5 Pro – The display on this smartphone is an FHD+ full screen with a high-resolution screen. The screen is a 403 PPI super clear display and the pop-up camera takes no space on your display, giving you a total view of the screen.

Infinix S5 – Meet the excellence with the 6.6" display of S5 Infinix with an infinity-O-display that provides a bezel-less view. You get to see these colorful designs and vivid details for a superior experience while playing or watching movies.

Infinix S5 Lite – The device Infinix S5 Price in Kenya might be the cheapest of all, but the display still stands at 6.6" HD + infinity-O that creates an enhanced viewing experience. Be it a game or your favorite movie, you get to experience all of it in full resolution.

Storage space

Infinix S5 Pro – The S5 Pro Infinix is not only equipped with a durable Infinix S5 pro 6GB ram, but the device also includes around 128 GB of ROM that lets you store plenty of data.

Infinix S5 – The ROM of 128 GB provided to the users for the Infinix S5 price allows the users to store plenty of data and even applications.

Infinix S5 Lite – The S5 Lite device offers 64 GB of ROM for users. This allows the users to provide enough space for users to store a lot of applications without any worry.

Battery Life

Infinix S5 Pro – The battery capacity that you get with this device is 4000 mAh, which provides a durable standby for your whole day. Just one charge and you can roam around worry-free about the battery performance.

Infinix S5 – The S5 smartphone features a 4000 mAh battery that provides an extended battery life. You get to enjoy the device for an extended period by using an AI power loss reduction.

Infinix S5 Lite – With the Infinix S5 lite, you get a 4000 mAh battery that allows for a 3-day standby. You get to use the device for an extended period to capture beautiful moments with the ultra-definition camera.

Final Thoughts

The whole S5 series from Infinix has provided a lot for users just for the Infinix S5 Price in Kenya. People have been enjoying every smartphone in the series. You can choose whichever device suits your needs. One can choose the S5 pro for all the advancements, and if you need a budgeted phone with decent specifications, the S5 Lite would be a perfect choice.