itel A23 Pro Price in Kenya

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itel A23 Pro Price in Kenya

Itel A23 Pro price in Kenya has made the phone demand surge among users in Kenya, and it is because of the numerous qualities despite the phones being lightweight. Many Android users have often thought itel A23 Pro price in Kenya is relatively high, whereas it is one the cheapest and affordable anyone can get in Kenya. The phone comes with modern features, is easy-to-use, and has internet features needed on any social media. Aside from that, the itel A23 Pro price in Kenya is a surprise given the features that comes with the phone and is an upgrade on the Itel A23 phone.

However, if you have little knowledge about the phone, we have provided essential details you need to know about the phone and why you should not think twice about itel A23 Pro price in Kenya. Below is the information you need to know about the device.

itel A23 Pro Price in Kenya

Pricing in Kenya

While itel a23s pro price in Kenya has always been in contention because of retail store and roadside seller, android users have often asked what the exact price is from the manufacturers. Itel a23 pro price in Kenya is around KSh. 4, 999 at a recognized store while itel a23 price is around Ksh. 4,666. While you can quickly get it from a retail store at a bit higher price, it would be advisable to walk into a recognized store to make your purchase. The advantage is that it comes with a warranty and you can return it if there is any fault.

Cameras – Main and Selfie Camera

If you want to take good pictures, itel a23 images are quality and suitable pixel, especially during the day. The rear camera comprises one camera and is stipulated at 2 megapixels and also has a rear flash. There is also a front camera that is 0.3 megapixels used for a selfie picture. However, there is no pop-up camera, so you will have to take your photographs at places with enough light.

Performance and Processing Speed

Itel a23 mobile is designed to operate faster. However, there are a maximum of things you can store on the phone if you want to keep its performance and processing speed at a faster more. The phone processor operates on quad-core and Go Edition of Android 10. While the phone has space, you must constantly check the percent of storage and ram to ensure that the phone performance and processing speed is not slowed down. 

While many will think itel a23 mobile price is one of the determining factors concerning the mobile device, all you need to do is manage the storage space and enjoy the phone at optimal speed. However, you can be sure of enough storage that ensures a faster speed operating level regardless of the activities you are carrying out on the phone. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the ROM.

Crystal-clear display and screen resolution

The phone is also designed with a clear display and screen resolution, giving a positive customer experience. If you are a lover of comprehensive and portable touchscreen android phones, itel mobile a23 pro device can give you that feeling. The phone has a crystal-clear display touchscreen of 5inch that makes it easy to minimize and navigate to other pages and check the speed level. Furthermore, the display screen resolution is 480 x 854 pixels, with 196 pixels per inch in terms of density.

Therefore, you can be sure of a clear and persistent screen whenever you operate the phone either for pleasure, internet or viewing documents such as PDF, Microsoft or zip folder. Aside from that, itel A23 Pro is convenient for watching movies and still retain the quality even when activated on a bigger screen mode.

Storage Space

While the phone comes with many features that make it enjoyable, the storage space is one of the determining factors about your experience concerning the phone. Itel A23 pro device is built with 1GB RAM and 8G ROM where you can store documents such as music, videos, downloaded games, and other forms of files you wish to keep inside the phone. However, if you desire more files to be stored on the phone, there is a space for SD Card, which allows you to store up to 32GB. It means more space and more files, which will enable you to store more, and you don't have to delete files because you want to get new ones. 

To preserve the phone from delaying opening files, music, and other things, always clear the RAM to remove unnecessary raw files and junk. This is because of the 1GB RAM, which is crucial to the device's performance. Therefore, you can download a reliable phone cleaner to help monitor the level and performance of files and data when you need to cool off and freeze some power-draining app.

Battery Life

Itel A23 Pro battery can last up to a day without accessing the internet, social media, listening to music, or watching movies. However, if you get involved in these battery-draining activities, it can last for more than six hours, which means you will have to charge again, so it does not get flat. The phone's battery is 2400mAh Li-ion, and it is removable. It allows you to easily replace if the present one gets faulty or can no longer stay active for long.

Final Thoughts

Other valuables make itel A23 Pro price reasonable, especially with additional benefits such as double SIM, GPS, Micro-USB, Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G on both SIM cards. Furthermore, there are sensors include a proximity sensor and accelerometer, along with face unlock. Therefore, android users should be optimistic about experiencing positivity when using the phone without having worries.

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