About Carlcare

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Taking giant strides in today’s wake of globalisation, Carlcare Service is one of the pioneers in the fields of communication equipment, consumer electronics, home appliances, new energy, IT services and supply chain. We provide end-to-end affordable, robust and quality one-stop mobile care solutions, with our business operation extending beyond 50 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Latin America.

We have more than 2300 service centres (including third party cooperative points), ensuring that our customers never have to face any hassle or inconvenience, and their repairing needs are always catered at the earliest possible time and in best possible manner.

Reliable and Personalised Service

One of our greatest strengths is reliability. We believe in being there for our clients, round the clock, and hence have deployed multiple online and offline channels through which they reach us. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve more than 20 million customers annually- providing them 24/7 assistance with the element of personalised touch. After all we go by the motto that “Yes We Care”!

We Repair With Utmost Care

At Carlcare, you can expect your devices to be repaired with utmost care. Genuine spare parts, highly experience engineers, and use of latest techniques enable us to offer a service you can swear by. We aim for that perfect balance between friendliness and professionalism, and do not compromise on quality at any juncture. Our prices are competitive and fair. So, even on that point, we stick to fairness and reliability and try to price our products rightly without compromising on quality.

Unremitting Innovation

Over the years, we have expanded and improvised on our services to become of the veritable leaders of the market. Our capital is in the right place, enabling us to conduct intensive research and development for future and persistent development. We have been pioneering several service activities in recent years, something that has helped us to get a very impressive foothold in the Asian, Africa, European and Latin American markets.