Join 100-day free screen replacement service for TECNO CAMON 16

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Kwame Asante

Your phone’s screen is one of its major components, and Carlcare introduces a sweet deal to you.  If you’re a phone user from Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, and Burkina Faso, you can enjoy Carlcare’s 100-day free screen replacement service for TECNO Camon 16.

For such service, within 100 days of activating your new phone,  you have one chance to replace an accidentally broken phone screen for free from our service center. The service applies to TECNO Camon 16 S (CD6j), Camon 16 (CE7j), Camon 16 Pro (CE8), and Camon 16 Premier (CE9).

With this activity, Carlcare — the official after-sales service for TECNO, Infinix, and itel — is set to reward customers’ loyalty and offer them high-quality broken screen replacement service for free.    

 free screen replacement for new tecno camon 16

What is free broken-screen replacement service? 

To understand it, you need to first know what broken screen protection is all about. It’s a policy of phone makers where consumers can get a 1-time free replacement service when they break the LCD/TP of their smartphone.


The service is either free or with a heavy discount. Additionally, the broken-screen policy is applicable to a broken TP/LCD component — that part of your phone that got broken from accidental hitting, pressing, or dropping.

This is also considered a user requirement on the market.

Where to get your smartphone repaired for free

You can visit any Carlcare service center close to your location for free phone screen replacement for your TECNO 16 series within the first 100 days of phone activation.

Note: The service is only eligible to the users from Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, and Burkina Faso.

Phone screens not eligible for the free offer

The free broken-screen replacement service only applies to phones whose screens are accidentally broken or cracked. However, smartphones in the following conditions are not covered in the service:

  • The deviceactivation date is beyond 100 days 
  • Phone already had 1-time Broken Screen Protection for free
  • Phone was hit and punched on purpose
  • Fake/unknown product
  • Phone has a non-original IMEI label and wrong IMEI 
  • Unauthorized disassembly
  • Anti-disassembly label has been broken/unauthorized repair 
  • Phone was crushed heavily
  • Phone was crushed into pieces (this cannot be repaired) 
  • Phone went through heavy deformation
  • Phone’s structure has been seriously damaged (this cannot be repaired)
  • Phone has been bent and cracked or has bended structure and crack (this cannot be repaired)
  • Phone has been bent and not powering on or has bended structure and crack (this cannot be repaired)

Staying ahead of the competition

Carlcare adopts a customer-centric approach, which means we put your needs first. Our reps and technicians are friendly and responsive.

We render professional repair services that are fast and efficient. These quality services, along with our customer-first approach, put us ahead of the competition.

If your new TECNO Camon 16 phone is within 100 days of use and the screen accidentally broke, simply walk into the nearest Carlcare service to you and have it replaced for free in a 1-time offer.