How to split screen on TECNO phone

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Kwame Asante

One more advantage you get by owning a TECNO smartphone with a large screen is the fact that you can run two apps at the same time on your screen. In this article, we'll guide you on how to split screen on TECNO phone, allowing you to save time and work while playing!

 splite screen on tecno

What is Split-screen mode on Android?

The split-screen mode was introduced back on Android 7 Nougat to help users run two apps simultaneously — either side-by-side or one-above-the-other — on their Android phone. The split-screen mode has since then been a beneficial and striking feature on Android. For instance, you can keep a tab on your WhatsApp chats while checking Twitter. You can also be learning a course on a Chrome webpage while jotting down useful points on your Notepad. The usefulness of split-screen mode varies individually depending on your choice of app and what you intend to do.

Split-screen mode on Android is fun, beneficial, and can help you save a significant amount of time by doing two things together at once.

How to split screen on TECNO

The process of enabling split-screen mode on TECNO phones is pretty much simple and hasn't changed over the years. As mentioned earlier, you need to be on Android 7.0 or later to have the split-screen feature on your TECNO phone. To get started, you need to open the Recent Apps menu on your phone, then tap the split-screen button from there. Meanwhile, on some (old) TECNO phones running Android 7 and above, you can enter split-screen mode quickly by long-pressing the overview button (the square-shaped button on your navigation bar). In general, follow our step-by-step guidelines below to enable split-screen mode on your TECNO phone.

  1. Open your Recent Apps You can do so by pressing the square-shaped button on your navigation bar or swipe up and hold from the bottom of the screen if you use Gesture navigation.
  2. Right there, you'll see slides of the apps you opened recently. Find the first app you want to split on the upper part of your screen.
  3. You'll see split-screen icon on the app's thumbnail. Tap the split-screen button as shown below in red to split the first app. Just follow the screenshot below if you have no idea of what the button looks like.
  4. After splitting the first app, you'll see the rest of the recently opened apps below it. Scroll between the apps and select the second app you want to use on the screen. You can also press the home button to choose an app from your app drawer.

That's it. Both apps will show on your screen, and you can interact between them as you like. Meanwhile, if you use the standard 3-button navigation method, the back button will work with the app you used/clicked last. The first app on the topmost part of the screen will be pinned there, while you can switch between apps or go to your home screen with the second (lower) screen.

Some apps like YouTube lets you resize the screen proportion occupied by each app. You can do so by dragging the tiny bar separating the apps up or down.

How to exit split-screen mode on TECNO

After all the exciting and helpful moments of splitting your screen on Android, it's necessary to exit split-screen mode and let your app show in full screen again. Getting out of the split-screen mode on your TECNO phone is even straightforward than enabling it. All you need is to drag/swipe the tiny black bar between the apps towards the app you want to close. Simply put, drag down the thin bar splitting the apps to close the lower app, or drag up the bar to close the upper app.

Know more about Split-screen mode

Now that you know about enabling and disabling split-screen mode on your TECNO phone, it's worth mentioning that not all apps will allow you to split them, and not all apps are well-optimized with split-screen mode. Most games and some apps like Camera won't let you enter or show up on the split-screen menu. The ones that show up won't display appropriately. But as far as it is concerned, you'll enjoy plenty of popular apps like YouTube, Chrome, WhatsApp, etc., with the split-screen mode on your TECNO phone.

Running two apps at the same time will be a great advantage for you, specifically if you use a TECNO phone with a large display. Meanwhile, if you don't have one already, TECNO has a catalog of affordable devices with large displays (up to 7-inches). You can check out the CAMON 16 series or the recent POVA series.