Official Infinix screen replacement price in Ghana

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Kwame Asante

Breaking your screen means you'll be disturbed from enjoying the juicy experience it offers. It's embarrassing when your phone slightly slips off your hand and the screen gets broken instantly. It could be somewhat favorable if it's just a light crack. But it becomes unusable when it hits the ground badly to the extent that it draws a kind of spider web lines on the screen. Once such a situation happens, the next thing on your mind would be how to get it replaced. This article will clear your doubts by answering those questions, and also disclose everything you need to know about official Infinix screen replacement price in Ghana.

 infinix screen replacement price in ghana

The official customer care for Infinix screen replacement in Ghana.

If you live in Ghana, a thought of where to get the best screen replacement for your Infinix phone would come to your mind. In this case, you don't need to make a long search for that. All you need is find an experienced professional - who knows more about your brand - to replace it for you. And since you own an Infinix phone, we welcome you to Carlcare, the official service provider for  Infinix, TECNO and itel phone brands.

Unlike some other brands who only ship smartphones to many countries without providing reputable customer service for them, Carlcare exists in over 50 countries where Infinix, TECNO, and itel operate.

How much does it cost for Infinix screen replacement in Ghana?

Below are the official Infinix screen replacement price in Ghana for Infinix phones at Carlcare. The prices contain the repair labor cost, and it may vary at different times.

Infinix phone model

Official Infinix screen replacement price-including labor cost(GH₵)

Infinix Hot 10


Infinix HOT 10 Lite


Infinix HOT 10


Infinix HOT 9


Infinix HOT 9 Play


Infinix HOT 8


Infinix HOT 7


Infinix HOT 7 PRO


Infinix HOT 5


Infinix NOTE 7


Infinix NOTE 7 Lite


Infinix NOTE 6


Infinix NOTE 4


Infinix NOTE 4 Pro


Infinix NOTE 2


Infinix S5/S5 Lite


Infinix S5 Pro


Infinix S3


Infinix S2


Infinix Smart 5


Infinix Smart 4


Infinix Smart 3


Infinix SMART 3 PLUS


Infinix Smart 2HD


Infinix Smart 2


Infinix Zero 8/8i


Infinix ZERO 6/Pro


Infinix ZERO 5 Pro


Infinix ZERO 4/Plus



Why choose Carlcare for Infinix screen replacement?

Now that you know how much it costs to replace your Infinix screen, let's show you some of the prime features you enjoy by choosing Carlcare.

High repair quality

Repairing your smartphone needs keen attention and many steps to follow. That is why you should only give it to an experienced engineer, who is specialized in repairing smartphones from your brand. Moreover, replacing your phone screen needs modern equipment to carry out a clean successful job. When you visit a Carlcare centre, your phone is rectified by a competent engineer trained by Carlcare, which guarantees high repair quality

Use of original spare part

As you already know that your phone screen cannot be repaired, but replaced. It's necessary to pay keen attention to what type of spare part the repairman uses on your phone. If you need the original screen part for your phone, then we welcome you to Carlcare. Carlcare, as the official service provider for Infinix, is regarded as the "catalogue" for original spare parts. The reason is that our spare parts are supplied directly by your phone's manufacturer.

We offer 30-90 days warranty

An excellent service centre, after performing a high-quality repair on your phone, would also give you a warranty to guarantee he has done a good job. During this warranty period, you're expected to enjoy your phone without issues. At Carlcare, we offer you a 30-90 days warranty after fixing up your phone. If unfortunately, your phone develops a natural fault during the warranty period, we would fix it for you without billing you.

Customer support

As said earlier, Carlcare has over twenty-one (21) active centres in Ghana, making it easy as pie to get adequate customer support. That's if you want physical support. How about receiving customer support from your home? With the customer support service on our website and mobile app, you can easily start a live chat and discuss all that bothers you with an agent, and expect adequate replies in seconds.