Enjoy 12% off on repair services not covered under warranty for Infinix Note 10

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Abraham Miller

Right ahead of the official launch of the new Infinix Note 10 series in May, Carlcare, the official customer care service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and itel, has set to offer another impressive set of value-added services for its customers.

We have offered various value-added services and promotional offers such as the Screen Protection Package, Extended Warranty Service, and more to our customers in the past to help them get the best value for their money. Here's another sweet offer for you if you're an Infinix fan or you are willing to try the next 'huge' Infinix smartphone release of 2021.

To offer yet another gratifying after-sales service for our customers, we have geared up to offer a 12% discount off on repair services not covered under warranty for Infinix Note 10 users. The users will be able to redeem the whooping 12% discount for artificial damages if the phone is still within one year of activation.


To state it more clearly, we mean artificial damages - like shattered screen, water damages, etc. - by saying "non-warranty" service. For example, if you mistakenly throw your Infinix Note 10 inside the water or damage the camera by accident, damages like that are not covered by warranty. So if you eventually encounter damages like these during your first year of using the Infinix Note 10, you'll receive a 12% off discount for the repair/replacement service at Carlcare

Note: If a customer (Infinix Note 10 user) has enjoyed other better benefits or offers such as the 180 days free screen replacement services, then the 12% off discount on non-warranty repair services is invalid. Meaning you can only choose to enjoy one of these benefits/offers at a time on your Infinix Note 10.

Who enjoys the service?

All the customers from the following countries who buy and activate the Infinix Note 10 series during the promotion periods ( listed below) will be able to enjoy the 12% off on repair services not covered under warranty if the phone is still within the one year of activation.


Promotion periods (The VIP services are valid only when users buy and activate the phone during this period)


1 June 2021- 6 August 2021


7 June 2021- 13 August 2021


7 June 2021- 13 August 2021


16 May 2021- 16 July 2021


10 May 2021- 16 July 2021

Cote d'Ivoire

7 June 2021- 13 August 2021


4 June 2021- 4 August 2021

Burkina Faso

7 June 2021- 13 August 2021


1 June 2021- 30 July 2021


The free repair service is still available for non-artificial damage.

As we're introducing this 12% off discount for repair services not covered under warranty for Infinix Note 10 series, the regular free warranty repair services remain unstopped for the Infinix Note 10 users. They are still bound to enjoying their warranty privileges for non-artificial damages. The Infinix Note 10 users will continue to get free repair services on their phone if it fails to get damaged artificially within the warranty period.

Damages covered under warranty include non-artificial damages like the sudden shutdown of the smartphone functions, etc. To know more about what is covered under the warranty, kindly check the warranty card included in your phone's retail box.

Day in day out, several people encounter various damages with their smartphones in ways or times they never expected it. And considering how much is cost to pair non-warranty damages on a smartphone, it is truly mind-boggling to see your smartphone get damaged - even if it's just a slight crack on the screen. That's what makes our co-workers came up with an outstanding way to subsidize repair costs for the upcoming Infinix Note 10 series. With this 12% discount off repair services not covered under warranty for the Infinix Note 10, it allows you to save more money you can spend on other things, rather than just repairing a piece of a smartphone.