Roll the dice and win TECNO Spark 6 through the Carlcare app

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Carlcare is back with another bang and innovative promo to ensure their large base customers get the dividends of trusting them for their mobile phone and electronic service. Are you a new or existing client? Are you planning to patronize us very soon? It doesn't matter, you can partake in this promo where you can roll the dice and stand a chance to win TECNO spark 6 and lots of luxury gifts.

In this latest promo events, Carlcare allows you to experience what it takes to be a Carlcare app user by rolling dice like you do on your Ludo game and land a double six-figure of winning the latest TECNO spark 6, sports bracelet, Bluetooth earphone, and many more that is capable of putting your mood in a lighter mode.

How to win the amazing gifts

The process requires a simple task. It comes with a lifeline with options to get more chances if you follow these instructions carefully. Below are they:

Login to your Carlcare App and you get one attempt

 The first step is to login into the Carlcare App on your phone. Once you log in, tap the Go button to get started, you have just one attempt to roll the dice, and if you get lucky, you might hit one of the prizes. Let’s break it down for easy understanding:

  • Click on the Carlcare App on your Phone
  • Log in your details, and the Dice Game will pop-up
  • Tap the Go button to get started.

Roll the Dice

 This where the actual task is done, you have to roll the dice if you want to win TECNO Spark 6, Airtime, Sports Bracelet and many more. Just tap the Dice Icon, and the dice will roll. If the rabbit stops successfully on any price represented with images, you’ve won. However, if your rabbit does not stop on any gift, you have to keep on trying and exploring opportunities provided in the game

 roll the dice to win tecno spark 6

Note: If you do not have the Carlcare app on your phone, you can easily download it on Google Play Store, and you’re good to go.

Once you’re done with your signup, follow the steps mentioned above to stand a chance to win.


 The great news about this creative promo is that you have opportunities to win more, and play for as much as the promo's timeframe is on. If you have tried all the options to roll the dice and you're still unlucky, you have the next day to try again until you hit the jackpot. Repeat these processes for as long as the promo is still on:

  • Log in to the Carlcare App after you have registered, and you get 1 attempt.
  • Allow the Carlcare app  access location, and you get 3 extra attempts
  • Click on the Chances button in the game app to access warranty/service center info/accessory price/ repair process on Carlcare APP. You get 1 attempt for each task every day.

 get more chances

NB: We understand that some technical issues may occur, especially when you play the game, and you didn't submit details for proof of ownership. Do not panic; Carlcare management understands all this, so we have put in place options to get it solved. Follow these procedures:

  • Open the contest link
  • Click "Record"
  • Click on the Receive button
  • Submit your information

However, you must submit your info during the game period. Failure to do so means you will lose your prize, and Carlcare won't be liable for your complaints or claim after the promo's duration is over.


This opportunity is available in the countries Carlcare management presently operates. They are Egypt, Morocco, Cameroon, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Indonesia, Bangladesh, & Uganda. You are not eligible to roll the dice if your country is not mentioned. However, we are on a mission to expand our service worldwide. Follow us on all our social media to keep in touch with us.


Carlcare app has made it easy for our esteemed customers to get easy access service for their mobile repair service in their comfort zone. The Carlcare app has 25million monthly users and has brought in different features that bring customers closer to the management. Aside from that, using the app allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts on whatever service you might need. Are you the type that has no patience in standing in a long queue? Carlcare app is your solution as you can easily book an online reservation, and you will be attended to you walk into our office immediately.