What to Do If Your TV Screen Gets Cracked

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Television is a very intimate object in our daily lives. It not just entertains and informs us about the happenings around us, but it also helps unite families at several houses as we binge on our favourite movies and TV shows together. And despite it being the age of hand-held gadgets, there are still enough people around who prefer television to mobile. No doubt, it feels terrifying when your beloved TV gets a cracked screen. 

Though a cracked TV screen is not something that happens so often. But when it happens, not any random mechanic should be assigned the task of repairing it. Instead, only the experts who know the job in and out should be called upon. 

Besides, here’re some important things and suggestions, directly from our experts, you must go through before moving ahead on cracked tv screen repair

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Common Causes of a Cracked TV Screen 

Firstly, the question is how TV screens can get cracked. Well, there are umpteen reasons to cause this. In most cases, it is accidentally damaged. Your child kicking or hitting at a ball that, unfortunately, lands up at the heart of the TV! Or, the television, placed precariously at the edge of a table, tips over and develops a crack! And at times, you may drop it while either moving or installing it. So it’s advisable to place your TV out of kids’ reach, and you had better not allow kids to play balls in that room. Also, its installation and movement (from one place to another) should be immaculately done, preferably with the help of trained professionals. 

What to Do if Damage is Done?

Now, the next question is what if your TV screen does get cracked?  Is it the end of the story (as some internet articles seem to claim) or you can still get it repaired successfully? 

Access the Damage: When a TV screen cracks, there could be several levels of severity and you could be dealing with anything from a completely dead screen to small lines in the picture, and no-picture, no-sound to poor picture quality.

Before you lose hopes, you firstly need to take a calm breath and access the damage and think about the options before you. 

Unless you’re skilled at electronics, you should not try to fix the problem at home, especially if it’s a flat-screen CRT. Most often than not, you end up touching it wrong and are likely to get a serious jolt. 

Check Your TV Warranty: A feasible thing to do here is, bring out the papers and check if the TV is still within the warranty period. If yes, then all you need to do is to take the TV to the authorized service centre (Please, make sure to contact the guys only at an authorised service centre to get genuine services). Most probably, you will earn a free repair or a paid repair or a replacement (depends on the reason behind the damage and the sub-clauses in the warranty contract from your TV manufacturer/supplier).  


Get A Professional, Authorized Repair: Taking your TV to a professional, authorized service center is your best choice to get your TV screen back to life. If you spot any such issue in your Synix TV screen, walk down to your nearest Carlcare service center immediately. Our trained TV technicians will check it thoroughly and  give proper detail of the damage, as well as providing a cost-effective repairing. We are skilled in fixing  cracked TV screen of various brands. In case your TV is not a recent purchase and the warranty period has lapsed, we ensure you the best repair at the best prices, combined with authentic and professional advice from our experts.

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TV experts at Carlcare can determine the extent of the damage to give it a fix that’s needed. A minor crack may not be difficult to repair and may not be all that expensive. A slightly deeper crack or multiple cracks may be irreparable or may require replacement. In either case, you can rest assured that we will never misguide you but assist you with the best of our intentions.