How Often Do You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner

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During the long, hot summer months, an air conditioner comes as a wonderful respite, cooling your home and giving you those moments of bliss from the scorching heat outside. 

But what if all of a sudden your AC stops cooling the way it previously did? Or it starts rendering a tad too much noise or a pungent smell. Or simply it has become inefficient, causing a higher electricity bill each month? This is just when you realize it’s just a machine and requires repair. 

Well, like many others you might have the thoughts of handling the problems yourself. While it sounds appealing,  we more often than not end up providing the potential for further errors and bigger expenses simply because an air conditioning unit is a way more intricate than you realize. And even if you have experience in electronics, repairing an AC at home would be a big challenge. But you do not need to worry so much as there are professional service providers to ensure you an error-free, timely and affordable air conditioner repair service. 

how often do you repair air conditioner units

In this article, we’ll discuss how often should air conditioners be serviced and why you should only opt for a professional AC repair service, instead of assigning this job to any cowboy repairman. 

First here’re the signs your AC unit needs repairing.  

Blowing warm air:There could be several reasons behind this, from wrong thermostat settings and refrigerant leaks to blocked air condenser. But when it happens, your AC needs instant repair.

  • Weak Airflow from the Vents:This is often caused by a failed compressor or some error with the ducts. While the vent oozes out cool air, the flow is too weak to cool off the room even after running your AC for hours. Firstly, you can try cleaning the vent, but if the issue persists, you better call a professional. 
  • AC turning OFF automatically:It’s annoying to see your air conditioner turning OFF itself every hour or so. This is pretty much an indication of some issues with the thermostat.  It may be broken or it’s no longer capable to accurately gauge the cooling. In either case, you would need a trained technician to look into it, as the thermostat consists of various critical electronic components.
  • Stinking when AC is On:Don’t neglect that bad smell coming off your AC. It indicates a burned wire insulation or some errors in the ductwork. Regardless of the reason, this issue needs immediate attention. Otherwise, your AC may get further damage. Also, you won’t want that stink to make yourself or your family sick. 
  • Humidity Not Eliminated:Along with giving us cool, fresh air, an AC also works upon eliminating the humidity inside the room.  If you feel that the level of humidity is not reduced even after the AC is on, there might be some error which only a professional can identify and resolve. 
  • Your power bill shoots up suddenly: If your electricity bill shoots up without increasing the AC consumption, chances are your unit’s efficiency has reduced. A damaged thermostat switch or any leakage in the ductwork could be the culprit. Proper maintenance and timely servicing go a long way to improve efficiency and make your AC work at its optimum level. And who can do this task better than a professional repair service company? 

In a nutshell, hiring a trained, professional technician is the most feasible option if your AC requires repairing, servicing, or maintenance. Carlcare Services comes as your best bet in that matter. We have a team of experienced and adept AC technicians who understand everything that needs to addressed to make your AC works as fine as a new one. Be it a split AC or a Window AC- we specialize in all models and brands of air conditioners. So you can rest assured to get the job done in a meticulous and timely manner. Also, we keep your specific needs and budget on the mind. After all, we work on the moto of “yes we care”. 

Benefits Of considering Carlcare to look into your AC system. 

  1. Our technicians are experienced and aptly trained: We provide our technicians with periodic trainings, which come with learnings of all the components your AC is made of. They know in and out of all brands and models, enabling them to fix any issue your AC may develop.
  2. Transparent and Affordable Price: Carlcare is globally known for pricing its products and services reasonably and honestly. And our AC repair service is no exception.
  3. Original, High-Quality Part replacement: If any part in your system needs to be replaced, it will be genuine and of the highest quality.
  4. Immediate response and Timely Repair: Our AC service experts are a call away. And once the service is scheduled, our repair will be within the promised time. 

Our technicians know what it takes to make your AC perform at its best. They do a thorough inspection of all key components before moving ahead to the repairing process. Be it the thermostat settings, refrigerant level, fins, and system controls- everything is checked properly.