How to fix “Mobile network not Available”error on android phones

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Are you facing a “mobile network not available” or “unregistered SIM card” error on your mobile? You’re not alone! The issue is pretty common, and comes our way a lot of times, especially when we use dual SIM smartphones. 

And since it restricts making phone calls or using internet data, phone users find it quite annoying, to say the least. But no need to panic if mobile network is unavailable on your mobile. Instead, try out these sure-shot solutions we have listed below, and make your phone functioning smooth as silk. 

  1. Restart Your Device: Most often, the “Mobile network not available”error can be fixed just by restarting your device. Restarting helps your phone retaining memory and fixing the crashes, which ultimately smoothens most operations. All the background apps and memory leaks, which may cause the network issue, can also be cleared merely with a restart. 
  2. Remove SIM Card and Put it Back:This one is self-explanatory. Remove the SIM cards, and reinsert them properly. Check if the issue has been resolved. If it’s still showing the error, then try your SIM in another phone. This will help you know if the error is with the phone or SIM card. 
  1. Check Network Settings:A wrong network setting is another culprit in such a case. So, you should have a thorough check of network modes and operators, and make sure the correct options are selected.
  • Open ‘Settings’, and then Tap on ‘Wireless and Network’
  • Select Mobile Network(s)
  • Tap on Network Operator
  • Select Automatically 
  1. Check whether phone isin Roaming Mode. 

Navigate to Settings >> Mobile networks >> Data Roaming

Disable it, if you see the Roaming Mode on. 

In case you’re in a roaming area, this mode should be enabled. 

    5. Factory Resetting: This is what you can call the mother of all solutions if cellular network not available for voice calls. Factory Reset brings your device back to its original state of apps, files, and settings, and proves effective against most of the software-related issues your smartphone may develop.

If you use our phones, you can bring your phone to the nearest Carlcare Service centre, where our phone experts will help you with everything from data backup to factory reset of your device for free. Our experienced technician will make sure your task is done error-free and in a timely manner. 

Note:  But remember, this also means that your phone data, except the operating system, will be erased. So don’t forget to take data backup of your device beforehand. 

How you can bring your Android device to Factory Setting 

  • Open Settings, and click on Backup & Reset.
  • Here, tap on Factory Data Reset.
  • You'll be asked to enter your passcode and erase everything.
  • Reboot your phone.

How to backup and restore Android data through SDcards

Note:  The solutions below are given only for your reference. We suggest you take your phone to Carlcare service center when your android phone encounter the error of “mobile network not Available” or “unregistered SIM card”. Our experts will help you factory reset your phone as well as taking the backup of data for free.

Step 1:  With this method, you need to insert a microSD card into the Android phone.

Step 2: Go to Setting> System>backup and restore on your phone

Step 3:  Next, please select the “Personal data” option and then choose the data you want to back up such as contacts,photos, messages, calendar and more.  After that, add a file name for the backup data.

Step 4: To backup the applications,  go to setting>system>backup and restore and tap on “Applications”. When this is done, just choose the kind of applications you need.

Step 5: To restore the backup data,  select the backup file and click on the sort of personal data you want.  Now tap on the “Phone storage” when a pop-up window shows.

Step 6:  If you need to restore some applications, select those you want.  Next,  go to setting and click on “Allow from this source” on the phone.

How to back up data using 91 PC Suite

Another recommended option is using the 91 PC Suite App. While developed for multiple purposes, 91 PC Suite is popular particularly for enabling users to take data backup and restoration. Follow the below steps, and then you’ll be good to go for 

Step 1: Download and Run 9A Assistant PC program on your computer.

Step 2:  Setup the phone

For this, you need to open the debug mode. 

Navigate to Settings-->My phone--> now click “Build number” 6 times.  Then go to Settings-->System-->Developer options-->make sure it’s on. After that, please connect your device with PC

Step 3:  Permission setting

Open ”91 Assistant“ APP on the phone and then tab on “I Know” (blue button) on the phone . Please allow 2 TIMES on the phone

Step 4:  Backup and Restore 

Now click “Backup and Restore” button . To backup data,  please tap on  “Backup” button.

Step 5: Allow The Permissions

The app asks you for some permissions, click “Allow” firstly on your phone, and then on your PC click on “Allow and Continue” button.

Step 6: Backup Data right now

 Click On Refresh Firstly and then on “backup right now” 

Wait until it’s completed

To restore the data,  just follow the step 1-4 but tap on “Restore” button in step 4 and then follow the remaining steps mentioned above.

How to backup WhatsApp messages on Android phone

You may also need to backup WhatsApp messages before factory resetting the android phone. Check these simple steps about how to take the backup of WhatsApp messages to google drive.

Step 1: Go to WhatsApp>Setting>Chats>Chat backup on your phone

Step 2:  Now choose the “Back up to Google Drive” option and also tap on “Only when i tap “Back up” and “Wifi or cellular” respectively

Step 3: Finally just click on “BACK UP” button and wait patiently until it finishes the process.

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