Best Troubleshooting Tips If my phone is not charging

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What could hurt more than watching your phone battery showing ‘phone not charge’ signs’?

Imagine you plug the charger in, but the charging sign is still red. You re-insert the charger time and again, yet the battery percentage is not scooching up. Or worse your phone shuts off as the battery goes dead.

Luckily, this ‘phone not charge’ doesn’t mean your battery or charger is screwed up. There could be diminutive reasons behind the issue, and the solution more often than not is just a troubleshooting trick or two away. 

Today, we’re sharing with you such handy tips to apply if phone is not charging

Check your Charger and Cable

Let’s start with the most apparent one. 

  • Is your charger damaged? Check it thoroughly and make sure it doesn’t have any scathe or cut? If you notice any, try a new charger immediately. 
  • Are you using a duplicate charger? All chargers may look similar, but there’s a huge difference between an original charger and a counterfeit one when it comes to the power supply. An original charger always delivers quality, speedy charging. So try to stick to a branded charger, always. 
  • Wrong Power Source? If you’re sure your charger and cable work fine, there may be a case you’re using a wrong power source. Try a different power socket. And it’s recommended to plug it in a wall socket, instead of a laptop or PC.
  • Remove Dirt and Lint from the Port

As we use the phone day and night, getting dirt and lint accumulated inside the charging port is pretty common and could lead to mobile charging problem. Often seen as a small affair, this could be a key cause of your phone’s charging problem. The lint and dirt may prevent the cable from connecting properly with the contacts inside the port, and lead your phone charging slowly or worse, not charging at all. 

A simple toothpick surgery can be handy here.  

- First, power off your device. 

- Check inside the charging port through a torch to see where exactly the dirt or dust is. 

- Now, take a toothpick and clean your port carefully, and very gently. (the last thing you would want is breaking the tip inside your phone)

- Blow in the port (again gently) to get rid of the dust. 

It should be clean now. If not, taking professional assistance is the wisest idea. 

Reboot Your Device 

In some cases, an app or software-related glitch is the culprit of phone charger not working. You may have downloaded some unsuitable apps, which are now causing phone charger not working failure. In such a case, the foremost thing you should do is, using your phone in Safe Mode and see if the charging restores to normal. If yes, then the issue is definitely because of some apps or software, which you’ve recently added to your device. Delete them one by one, until the issue is sorted. 

If the issue persists, try restoring your phone to the Factory Setting. And most probably, it will be rectified. 

Check for Water and Moisture 

While this tends to be rare as a cause for mobile charging problems, you should not neglect it. Check if there’s a water drop icon just above the charging port. If you notice it, there’s some water or moisture in the USB port. Switch Off your phone immediately and keep it at a dry place, better placing it in front of a fan. Don’t forget to remove the SIM card, SD card, and battery, if it’s obliterable. Most often the moisture will evaporate by itself within a few hours. 

Take a God Care of the Battery 

To extend the lifespan of your battery and keep the charging issues at bay, it’s advised to take good care of your battery. Not for nothing they say that prevention is better than a cure.

- Never use your phone while it has been put on charging.

- Avoid the excessive use of HD games, Videos, and apps.

- Always close the background apps

- Don’t let your phone battery drained all the way to 0% or charging it fully to 100%

- Keep the charging between 25-80% 

- Avoid extremes of heat and cold. This may strain the battery and shorten its lifespan.

When All This Don’t Work, Take Professional Assistance 

What if the above options don’t work and the problem persists? Calling the professionals to take care of your phone is your best bet. If you have a TECNO, Itel, or Infinix phone or other kind of phones, walk down to your nearest Carlcare service center for a professional, prompt and cost-effective repair. Carlcare is the after sale-service for these brands. So you can rest assured to get the best servicing and support. 

Depending upon the problem, you may get your phone repaired to perfection just within hours. Besides, if your device is under warranty, you may get it fixed FREE of Cost.