How to check warranty for Infinix, TECNO, itel

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A warranty specifies the terms and cases in which repairs or exchanges are to be made if a product does not function as originally intended. Generally, it is a kind of guarantee that a product manufacturer makes about the condition of its product.

Itel, TECNO and Infinix warranty check

The warranty of your Infinix, itel , TECNO mobile phone starts to count from the date of activation (when a Sim Card is inserted). In the event that its receipt of purchase is lost, there are other avenues by which the warranty period can be verified.

Note: You can also book a phone repair online from Carlcare service-the official service center for Infinix, TECNO and itel to reduce waiting time.

Carlcare Service has a feature on its main platforms to ensure easy access for all TECNO, Infinix, and itel device users. Find them next.

  1. CARLCARE Warranty Check

On the Homepage of Carlcare, click on the tab CHECK and you will be redirected to the Warranty Check page. Next, input your phone’s IMEI number and click Search.

  1. CARLCARE App – Go to you profile tab Me, tap Verify Authenticityand you’ll get a verdict.
  2. You can also check when you visit the service center. Our receptionists will attend to your request.

itel, TECNO and infinix warranty check

WARRANTY POLICY for Infinix, itel and TECNO

The INFINIX, TECNO and itel Mobile Phone brands individually guarantee warranty service for all purchased Original products for a One Year duration with regards to defects in materials (Hardware or Software) and workmanship.

Each device must be handled in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines (see user manuals & service information), for access to the aftersales service.

What is not covered by the Warranty?


Ultimately, when a phone’s warranty has elapsed, it’s tagged as Out of Warranty. Free repair seizes and customers are required to pay for the service they enjoy.


This refers to any damage on a device caused by its user or other external factors. It includes the following;

  • Cosmetic damagee. scratched, cracked, dented, broken casings or fallen out buttons.
  • Broken Screense. Ink on screen, cracked or scratched Touchpad and LCDs.
  • High voltage damageThis may occur when a sudden increase in voltage causes a phone to shut down permanently.
  • Burnt DevicesWhen a phone is gutted by fire or explodes.
  • Broken Camera Lens.
  • Liquid intrusionWhen liquid substance is found in a smartphone.

When an Infinix/TECNO/itel Smartphone is taken to an external source for repair (outside of the Official Service center), the warranty becomes Void. The phone’s warranty is automatically revoked by this act, even if it is within the specified warranty time-frame.


All Infinix/TECNO/itel Smartphones come with their own Operating System (OS) installed. An attempt to modify this original configuration (altering functionality) can lead to a temporary shut down and cause permanent damage to the phone’s Mainboard or other phone components.


The IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity – number is a unique set of 15 digits used (as the name indicates) to identify smartphones.
A missing or incorrect IMEI is an indication of foul play on the user’s part, and this renders a phone’s warranty inoperative.

With Carlcare your Smartphone is secure. Visit Carlcare service centre for repair when you have any issue, and allow only authorized personnel access to your device.

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