Where to get the original battery replacement for Infinix and Tecno

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Official batteries can be expensive but are completely reliable. If you are looking for a smart phone battery, you may choose to take the cheap route and buy a battery from local market, but literally this cheap battery can cause serious damages. Local market batteries are made by the unofficial/unregistered manufacturers and that can be found much cheaper than original ones. But in reality, they are not worthy for you because they could potentially catch fire, explode and even injure you physically.

Are you looking for an original battery for Infinix and TECNO?

If you want to buy original battery for Infinix, TECNO or itel,  then make your way towards CARLCARE SERVICES as we are the official after-sales service provider of (Infinix, itel & TECNO mobile phones). Carlcare have 2K+ service centers in 50+ countries and is capable to serve a customer within 2 hours (Fast repair service).  If you care about your phone and want an original battery, then Carlcare is the right choice for you. You can check original battery price and easily locate the Carlcare service center near you from our website or through the Carlcare app (Please just download it in google play)

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Why we should avoid buying fake battery?

Let’s analyze this point from other scenarios. Fake battery never works according to your expectation. The fake battery may not have as much capacity as the original one and it may deteriorate much more quickly. Moreover, you never get that standard battery backup from a fake battery.

Why fake batteries may not have much capacity? To attract the customers, the local manufacturers use low-quality material to make the battery and print false capacity details on the battery so that they can save the manufacturing cost and sell it at a cheap price in the market. Furthermore, they don’t follow the standard safety measures. So, these unauthorized acts can make the fake battery cheaper but it can be very harmful for the human being. Also, as fake doesn’t give expected battery backup, you may need to change the battery more frequently.

Factors to consider while choosing the battery

Durability: External factors can affect the performance of the battery such as temperature, humidity, magnetic fields,etc.

Power Density: Battery must be capable to handle the high-power density devices. Otherwise the battery cannot sustain high current drawn for a large period of time.

Life Time: Every electronic item has a certain life and its life time depends on the quality of product. if the battery is original, the lifespan of the battery will be longer. (Charge life & Total battery life)

Charge life: Battery backup (Low consumption)

Total Life: (Charge cycles)

Battery Backup: Battery backup depends on the quality and MAH of the battery. Original batteries can hold the standard backups as quality control of the product is ensured by the authorized manufacturers.

Authenticity: Always purchase a battery from an authorized service provider. This will save your cost, time & will make you satisfied.


As an official service provider of Infinix, TECNO, itel mobile phones, we always try to guide our people to make the right choice about buying original accessories and repairing. We all know that Battery is an important component of our mobile. Fake batteries will affect mobile functioning and buying fake battery is not a smart choice. Make a wise decision which will benefit you in the long run.

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