How to fix Water Damaged Phone

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Watching your phone dropped in water or toilet feels terrifying, to say the least. Thoughts of having it snapped make many to scream. But what’s happened has happened. The damage is done. And unless you have one of those expensive waterproof phones, you’ve no other choice than seeing it balled up helplessly. 

Well, here comes the good news. If handled correctly at the right time, your water-damaged phone can be salvaged. For most modern phones, the game is not over so soon meaning your water-damaged phone perhaps can be fixed and restored to be used normally even if the damage is significant. 

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In this article, we’re penning down some handy tactics about fixing a phone dropped in water


Take Your Phone Out Quickly

Reacting promptly is the key to your phone’s survival. The water might not have reached to the vulnerable components yet. If you act out promptly,your phone can be saved, at least from severe damages. The longer your phone is underwater, the deeper layers the water reaches to- making the chances of saving it bleaker. So take it out straight away. Thereafter, you must switch it OFF immediately, even it’s still ON and seems to be working fine.  Detect its condition to take further steps. 

Your phone is in your hands now, and you’re contemplating the next move. You had better be abreast of things you should refrain from doing. Any wrong move can cause more damages and failures, which may leave your phone in a state of complete despair. 

So first, let’s check the things you should not do when your phone fell in water

  1. Don’t switch on your phone.The water insertion can overload the phone with energy, which often electrocutes the circuit board. If your phone is OFF, such things can be prevented. Besides, this shall avoid any spark inside the electrical components.
  2. Don’t plug a charger into it.If you think your phone switched off due to power loss and charging the battery could revive it, you can’t be more wrong. Your phone is dead as the water has hampered the mainboard, and plugging a charger will further add to the damage. 
  3. Avoid pressing any key.In fact, don’t use your phone at all. When you operate it, the water pushes in further- increasing the risk to your phone.  
  4. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry out the phone.This could also push the water into the deeper areas. Also, the heat from the dryer can prove fatal for the phone’s sensitive components, especially the already blown-out circuits. 
  5. Avoid shaking or moving the phone around too much.Else, the water can make its way into the ports, jacks, and speakers.

Now Dismantle Your Device

It’s time to take concrete steps, the foremost of which is dismantling your device. But make sure you do it with utmost care. Remove each removable part of your phone: the SIM cards, SD Card, and the battery (if possible), and put these on a dry paper towel. If you observe any liquid/moisture inside, use a soft cloth or cotton to suck it off. 

The idea is to dry each part so as to prevent the water from reaching the vulnerable components. As said earlier, you need to be extra cautious while doing this. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, don’t do it. Simply put all removable pieces at a dry place. 

Use A Vacuum Cleaner for Water Suction 

If needed, you could try a vacuum cleaner to suck the water out. For the parts which can’t be accessed by paper towel, this trick could be really effective. A vacuum cleaner will suck every bit of liquid and hence helps to diminish the chances of further risks. ‘Gently’ is another word to highlight here. Don’t do hard suction as it could make the phone move around excessively. 

Submerge Your Phone in Rice 

Rice is believed to be very effective in absorbing liquid and humidity when you dropped  phone in water and it wont turn on. So the next thing you can try is, putting your phone in a bag full of rice. You should keep your phone in rice for 2-3 days. Thereafter, take it out and try to switch it on. Hopefully, it would work. Check if all parts like the screen, battery, SIM cards are functioning fine. Keep eyes on any odd behavior. If you notice any such thing, take it to a professional. 

Walk Down to The Authorized Repair Center 

You’ve done all that you could, but your phone has not yet recovered. Your best bet now for fixing a phone dropped in water is to walk down to your authorized service center for a professional repair. If you own a Tecno, Infinix, or Itel device, and if it unfortunately falls in the water, bring it to your nearest Carlcare Service center and let our experts do the magic. Since we understand the device in and out, we know what it takes to save your water-damaged phone.

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Another benefit of visiting the authorized service center is that your phone warranty will be considered. You may get the device repaired at absolutely no or very low cost. Furthermore, if any part needs to be replaced, you can rest assured knowing that it’ll be genuine and reasonably priced. At Carlcare Service center, we can repair water-damaged phones on the same day. In order to avoid the queues and enjoy our faster service, you can opt for ‘online reservation’ through Carlcare App.

Handy Tips to Keep Water-damage Problem at Bay 

Prevention is better than cure, always. If you wish to keep the above hassles away, take a good care of your phone. Here’re some handy tips to help you.

Protect your phone with tempered glass and water-resistant case: Having your phone shielded with tempered glass and a good quality case helps minimize the risk if your phone falls in the water. 

Keep Your Phone Off the water

Be vigilant of the surroundings and don’t let your phone get in contact with water. If you’re out in rain, or at a beach, it’s good to put your phone in a water-resistant polybag. Similarly, be a bit extra careful when you’re washing hands or at a pool, in order to avoid any mishap. 

Don’t Expose Your Phone to Mist or snowfall. The moisture can be fatal. Make sure you don’t expose your phone  in foggy or snowy weather.