How to Protect Mobile Screen from Breaking

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How to Protect Mobile Screen from Breaking

The screen remains the most repaired part of any mobile phone to date. So while your phone may sustain a few drops at first, the next one might not be favourable. And that reminds us that glass is fragile and would continue to retain its fragility.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to prepare to pay a massive amount of money to replace your phone screen when it gets broken. Over here are some tips to protect your phone screen from breaking, smashing, shattering, or cracking!

How to protect your phone screen from breaking:

  1. Use a tempered glass screen protector
  2. Use a bumper case
  3. Use a phone ring holder or Pop socket
  4. Use a car phone holder
  5. Protect your screen with screen protection insurance

These few add-ons are the economical way to protect your phone screen from breaking. Let’s check how they might be helpful to you.

Use a tempered glass screen protector.

One of the great ways to protect your phone screen from shattering is to apply a tempered glass screen protector to it. It adds an extra layer of protection on your phone screen and could help you sustain slight and hard drops to some extent.

Imagine you dropped your phone inadvertently, and you have a tempered glass protector on it; the glass protector is likely to get broken rather than the main screen. And if that happens, you can easily replace the tempered glass, which is far cheaper than replacing the screen.

Mind you: plastic screen protectors aren’t the same as tempered glass screen protectors. The former can only protect your phone screen from minimal scratches, but not hard drops. So, ensure you get a tempered glass at most while shopping for a screen protector.

On the same note, tempered glass screen protectors come with various levels of protection, features, and price. So, ensure you get a good one. Meanwhile, you don’t need to buy the most expensive ones.

Use a bumper case

As well as using a tempered glass screen protector, we also recommend wearing a bumper case on your phone to give it extra protection. Just like protecting yourself from harsh weather, bumper cases help protect your screen from cracking when it hits the ground unknowingly. Simply put, the elevated edge of the bumper case hits the ground instead of the phone screen itself.

Meanwhile, it protects not only the phone screen but its design as well. Many modern phones opt for a glass build these days, but on many mid-range Android phones, the rear cover isn’t as tough as the main screen in most cases. So, even if your phone screen sustains a hard drop, the rear glass might crack.

However, wearing a bumper case helps protect both the screen and the rear glass simultaneously.

Though a bumper case might add a few more weight and size to your device at first, you’ll get used to it within a few days. And given the level of protection it renders, it’s worth using it, even if it adds some weight to your device.

Not to worry, bumper cases come with many attractive and stylish design choices, so you don’t feel like your phone looks ugly after trying to protect it with a bumper case.

However, ensure you choose the perfect bumper case while shopping for one. Some bumper cases are very light and stylish but may not give you enough protection in heavy drops. The other ones come with hefty and solid build quality and may protect your phone to some extent, even on a hard drop.

So, when shopping for a bumper case, ensure you get the one that’s tough enough to handle hard drops. And since it’s called a bumper case, it should be slightly elevated above the screen to give you better protection.

Use a Phone Ring Holder or Pop socket.

While tempered glass protectors and bumper cases might seem enough to protect your phone against accidental drops, nothing stops you from getting a Ring Holder or Pop Socket as well.

Pop sockets and ring holders don’t act as a screen protector, but they help you hold your phone more firmly, hence protecting it from dropping as long as it remains in your fingers.

Both the ring holder and pop socket comes in different concepts and styles, and you can attach any of them to the back of your phone or the bumper case.

Besides that, you can use a ring holder to stand your phone on a flat surface while watching movies. That serves as a protector for your phone, as well as a utility for media consumption.

Use a car phone holder.

To protect your phone screen from cracking while driving your car, we recommend you should use a car phone holder. Although rare, we’ve seen some people who broke their phone screens after trying to use them for various functions like making calls, navigating, and playing music while driving.

If you don’t want to crack your phone screen while driving your car, a car phone holder should do a perfect job. All you need is to attach it somewhere you can reach easily in your vehicle and place the phone inside it. With that, you can use your phone without the risk of breaking its screen.

More so, car phone holders are pretty affordable, and you can buy one at any phone accessories shop near you.

Protect your phone screen with screen protection insurance

After all, no accessory or tool can guarantee you 100% protection for your phone screen. We’ve seen people who use all the four accessories mentioned above and still ended up cracking their phone screen. So, is there a better way to protect your phone screen from breaking?

Absolutely yes! You can protect your phone screen with screen protection insurance, so you never have to worry about spending a lot of money to replace your phone screen when it gets broken.

With screen protection insurance, you might not need to attach any tempered glass, bumper case, ring holder, and other accessories to your phone. All you know is that you can replace your screen for free with the broken screen insurance plan.

So, where can you get screen protection insurance for your smartphone?

Offers like this are thin on the ground in most cases. However, if you use an Infinix, TECNO, or itel phone, Carlcare’s 180 Days Broken Screen Replacement Service can help protect your phone screen and replace it for free if it gets damaged during the insurance period. 

You can get the 180 Days Broken Screen Protection Card for any TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone at any Carlcare service centre near you.