How To Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Android

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Abraham Miller

It’s finally the time that you’ve got hands-on your new phone, you are all excited! But wait, the thought of downloading WhatsApp in your new phone and losing all its data from the old one passes through your mind leading to questions on if there is a chance to save those chats and media that stand highly important for you, ruins all the excitement? Worry not! There are 2 easy ways about how to transfer Whatsapp from Android to Android in no time.

Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Android Via Google Drive

Google Drive has been our rescuer for storing significant data all along. Now you can also backup Whatsapp data to Google Drive. You can set up when you want the backup to take place, i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly. Follow the below-listed steps and save yourself from any accidental loss of WhatsApp data.

1. Open WhatsApp in the phone that you were already using and open Settings followed by clicking on Chat and then Chat Backup.

2. Now check the Accounts option and ensure your google account has been logged in. In case it is not, tap on it to sign in to your Gmail Account.

3. Next Just above you’ll see a Back Up to Google Drive button in green. This will immediately backup all your WhatsApp data. It’s your choice if you wish to back up the videos along with the other data or not. In addition to this, under the option of Backup to Google Drive, you can choose the frequency of backup that’ll take place daily, weekly, or monthly on the basis of your choice.

4. Once the backup is complete and saved on Google drive, delete WhatsApp from your old phone and install it on your other phone. Ensure that your new android phone is already linked to your Google Account.

5. As soon as you launch the application, it will automatically detect the presence of WhatsApp data on Google drive and will show you. Choose the Restore option as soon as it informs you and now wait for your Whatsapp chats and other attachments to be extracted.


Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Android Using Gmail

If you don’t want to backup the whole Whatsapp Data which includes chats and attachments shared with all of your WhatsApp contacts and rather want to preserve a few special/important ones, this option would work wonders for you. WhatsApp gives you an option of exporting individual chat (with a person or a group chat).You can send yourself an email and then download it for yourself whenever you wish to.

You just need to follow a few simple steps and you’ll have your preferred WhatsApp Chat and its media exported to your email. 

1. Open that specific chat with an individual or a group that you want to back up/preserve

2. You’ll see 3 dots on the top right corner, tap on them, and click More followed by Export Chat

3. Choose to export with media or not. Including media will increase the size of the chat export.

4. Once WhatsApp finishes saving the chat according to your choice, an option to share the whole thing via Gmail, Bluetooth, etc. would appear. Now, you can Gmail the chat backup to yourself, someone else, or maybe save it in the drafts.


  • You’ll have these specific chats on your email saved forever but you won’t have them restored on your WhatsApp on the targeted phone since the file is a txt. document which WhatsApp can’t detect.
  • You’ll have to back up one chat at a time too with limitation to a certain amount of characters.

Importance Of WhatsApp Backup On Your Android

You would agree that our WhatsApp chats are one of the closest things to us in today’s time. From discussing official work to nurturing relationships over midnight chats, none of us would want to lose that data forever. Thankfully, WhatsApp understands this and hence, has provided means of aching up chats via Google Accounts and lets you transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to Android for free. Having a safe backup of the data allows us to switch between devices whenever we wish to. The solutions above also work for the Infinix, TECNO and itel Android phones for transferring WhatsApp from one device to another.