The best 12 Android 10 features you can use now

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Abraham Miller

Google’s mobile operating system, Android keeps ahead of every software when it comes to using our phones seamlessly. The software giant came up with yet another android update, i.e. Android 10 which has positively affected the experience of mobile phone users. Managing privacy, speedy data services, and prompt replies are some of its latest features. Apart from these, Android 10 has several more add ons. On the launch, the update was only available for Google’s Pixel users but now has reached mobile phones of other brands. Below highlighted are the top 12 Android 10 features of the new android update which you must know

Live Caption

With the feature of Live Caption, you now have real-time captions of the videos, the ones that you record, too, created via machine learning as soon as it detects the speech. The feature doesn’t launch automatically rather you have to tap the volume button first and then the icon beneath the volume level. It comes in handy for the people who can’t hear and you also have the option to drag and move the caption box around the screen.

Gesture Navigation 

Pull, swipe, go around, gestures have been made quicker than ever. Android 10 has made a major change in the way you navigate websites and apps. With the back button gone, now you just swipe from one direction to another depending on your phone’s setting. Pulling up the home screen, moving around apps, and swiping like a pro, it has all become very smooth.

Dark Theme 

Full brightness and white theme, you wish there was something more soothing and light! Android 10 grants your wish with its new dark theme feature. It saves your phone’s battery from draining and even goes easy on your eyes. Now no more cursing your phone screen while

scrolling in the dark!

Focus Mode

There are a few apps that we have on the phone but don’t feel like either using them or even deleting them. Here is when Android 10 comes to your rescue by allowing you to select particular apps that you don’t want to use for that period of them. These apps could be news apps, messaging apps, or games, etc. Once you do so, they get paused and grayed with notifications being set off. You’re able to focus on what is actually in front of your eyes.

Digital Wellbeing

At times we spend too much time using our cell phones that we let go off in the real world and people. Using too much of it builds stress and tension. Thanks to Google for its Digital Wellbeing update, now you get to measure the time you spend in using particular apps. This would help you to reduce it accordingly. You can set daily limits and timers to the app so that you are not able to use them once you reach the maximum set limit.

Smart Reply

Replying to messages has been made easier by allowing you to respond to messages via pre-set responses. In fact, android 10 even provides recommendations for the action to be taken. If someone asks you to meet with them, your phone will suggest sending them a thumbs up. Isn’t that a truly amazing feature? It is available on Whatsapp, Signal, and Facebook Messenger. 

Improved Privacy Setting and Security

In today's time, privacy has surely become a matter of concern.  With many apps allegedly busting the privacy of its users, Android 10 has come up with an update where you are in charge of your privacy. Now you have smarter privacy controls letting you decide when and how the data of your phone is shared. You get to choose if you wish to share your location while using that particular app, never, or always. You can opt out of retargeting ads and personalize your privacy setting including permissions, app and web activity etc.

Support for foldable phones

Folding phones are often considered to be non-user-friendly, but Google with its Android 10 has brought changes to display functions for foldable phones. This provides assurance that apps run simultaneously alongside other applications. It has also taken care of the smooth transition between apps when the small phone is unfolded into a tablet-sized screen.

Notifications Control

Now you have more control over which notifications you want to look out for and which ones you’d wish to not see. You can tailor their behavior in the Settings under Apps & Notifications Section. This feature saves you from digging in the Settings app so that you can customize notification settings for different apps. If you long-press the notification alert, you get an option of turning off notifications for that particular app on the spot. Hence, controlling notifications has now become simpler than ever. 


This Android 10 feature comes in handy when you don’t want to overcrowd your screen space. Displayed as a small circular floating notification on the top of whatever app you’re using on your device, it allows you to approve or disapprove each app that wants or doesn’t want to use Bubble. 

For instance, you’re using whatsapp, a bubble alert appears, you tap on it and you can access the conversation without even opening the actual app.

5G Support

Android 10 has shown its support 5G by as it extended existing APIs to aid you in taking full advantage of the enhancements. Connectivity APIs can be used to detect if a device is having a high bandwidth connection and check if the connection is a metered one. With the help of Android 10 your experience now is richer and more exciting.

Scan a QR code to join a Wi-Fi network

No more remembering or saving Wi-Fi password as Android 10 allows you to create a QR Code of your Wi-Fi or lets you scan a QR Code to join another Wi-Fi network. It is an easy to use  the feature that can be accessed in Settings under Wi-Fi and Network tab.

We are sure after reading these Android 10 features you’ll be as much impressed as we are with the advancements and comfort that Android 10 has brought for its users. It has made our hours that are spent on our mobile phones hassle-free and safer.