Can A Bricked Phone Be Repaired?

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If your Android phone got bricked and you're in search of if it can be fixed or not, you're in the right place. Today, we'll take you on a journey of different scenarios where Android phones get bricked and tell you if they can be fixed or not.

One thing is for sure: Android phones don't get "bricked" if you don't tinker with their operating system. However, many users have bricked their Android phones after rooting, flashing custom ROMs, and removing system apps/files. And if you're in the same shoe today, we'll tell you if your bricked phone is repairable or not.

 can a bricked phone be repaired

Can a bricked phone be repaired?

Whether or not you can repair your bricked phone depends on how the phone got bricked and its present condition/response when you press the power button.

But before we proceed, we’d like to clarify something. Many people usually misuse the word “bricked” for a phone that still turns on when you pressed the power button. If your phone is bricked, that means it won’t power on by any means. No matter what you try, the phone won’t turn on or charge when you plug in the charger. More so, pressing the power button won’t do anything but keep the phone in its dead position.

However, if your phone is stuck in the boot loop or it enters recovery mode when you try to turn it on, that means it's not bricked; a technician could fix it easily.

Nonetheless, here are some situations where your "bricked" phone may be repairable:

If your phone boot completely but keeps restarting

The first case scenario where people refer to their Android phone as “bricked” is when it boots completely but keep restarting. With that, the phone disallows you from doing anything – not even making a call.

If that’s your case, then your phone can be repaired easily. A corrupted firmware or missing system files/apps causes the problem in most cases. And sometimes, it could result from incomplete or corrupted software updates.

Nonetheless, if your phone boot completely but keep restarting, a technician can help you fix it by reinstalling the software images, otherwise known as Stock ROM or firmware.

If your phone doesn't boot completely but keeps rebooting

The second case scenario is when your phone keeps rebooting without booting completely. Here, you get to see that your phone is booting, but it won’t get to the home screen or allow you to do anything. That’s when we say your phone is stuck in bootloop.

Similar to what we said above, a technician can also fix this issue without getting into your phone's hardware. Bootloop usually occurs after trying to flash a custom or unsupported ROM on your device. It can also result from rooting your phone or deleting some crucial system apps or files after rooting your phone.

Despite that, you could savage your phone from rebooting continuously by flashing the stock ROM again. However, a repair technician needs to do the job. Or else, you could end up with a dead phone with no remedy.

If your phone hangs in the boot stage and doesn't go off

There are many scenarios of phones getting bricked, but one of the scariest ones is when your phone is stuck in the boot stage but doesn’t go off. It’s dangerous in the sense that you may not be able to turn off your phone if it has a removable battery. Nonetheless, a technician can help you fix it as well.

If your phone does not come on at all when the power button is pressed

The worst-case scenario is when your phone doesn't turn on at all – no matter the method you use. And that’s when we consider your phone to be “bricked” totally.

If your phone does not come on at all when you press the power button, there's nothing else you can do than to take it to the repair centre. From there, they would check if the bricking has affected the motherboard, or they can still flash it again. If the case is beyond flashing the stock ROM, then you can only replace the motherboard, or better still, buy a new phone.  

In most cases, replacing the motherboard doesn't come cheap. However, it can be a bit cheaper than getting a new phone. So, that's what you have to do if your phone is bricked to the extent of not turning on when you press the power button.

Now that your phone is bricked, what next?

Whether your phone keeps rebooting, won't boot at all, is stuck in a boot loop, stuck in the boot screen, or bricked totally, the focal point is there is a chance of getting it repaired. But truth be told, a bricked phone can only be fixed by a professional. So, take your phone to a service centre for repair.

Even so, we recommend you visit the official repair centre for your brand if your phone is bricked. They're in the best place to fix your bricked phone since your manufacturer has authorized them to do so. More so, they're the ones likely to have the correct software and hardware to fix a bricked phone.

Bring your bricked phone to Carlcare. We can help!

Repairing your bricked Android phone gets halfway done when you visit the service centre. If, however, you don’t know where to go, we can help you.

Carlcare is the only authorized after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel phone users. So, if you get any of these devices bricked, feel free to locate any Carlcare service centre near you to fix it. Our technicians would access your device to pinpoint the root of the issue. And if a part needs replacement – like the motherboard, you can rest assured of getting a genuine one. Yes, we’re proud of sourcing our spare parts from our brands’ factories. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, if the cost of repairing your bricked phone is more than getting a new one, we'd be polite and reserved enough to advise you to get a new phone.


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