Get the Electronic Warranty Card for Infinix, TECNO and Itel

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Abraham Miller

A warranty is an integral part of your purchasing experience for an Infinix, TECNO or an Itel phone. With a warranty, you can get repairs done for your phone free of charge as long as the damage is not artificial. This can come in handy at a time when your phone needs repairs, and you are unable to afford them.

As an Infinix, TECNO or Itel user, you can use a few methods to record and claim your warranty to make your experience even better.

 carlcare electronic warranty card

The Electronic Warranty Card

An electronic warranty card is an electronic representation of a warranty card. It's much more convenient than having a paper warranty card, and your details are more securely stored.

Ordinarily, the way a paper warranty card  works is that the seller issues you a warranty card that contains the duration of your warranty and what parts of the phone the warranty covers.  If your phone gets spoilt, you would have to present your warranty card to get your warranty. The problem comes when you misplace your warranty card and have no means of claiming your warranty.

With an electronic warranty card, misplacing your warranty card isn't a problem.  You just have to show your electronic warranty card and you will get attended to. Showing your electronic warranty is also very easy, once you have an internet connection.  As an Infinix, TECNO or Itel user, getting your electronic warranty card is as easy as pie. You can get it via the Carlcare app seamlessly.  

How to Get the Electronic Warranty Card for Infinix, TECNO and Itel

As we have stated earlier, getting your electronic warranty card shouldn't be anything difficult at all. With the Carlcare app, it's easy and seamless. All you have to do is follow these steps;

  • Launch the Carlcare app. If you do not have the app, then download it from the Google Play store.
  • Once you've logged into your account or created a new one, tap on 'Me' tab.   

 carlcare app

  • Tap on Warranty Card, and if your phone has an electronic warranty card your phone's details would be shown here.

 electronic warranty card for infinix, itel and tecno

Get your Infinix, TECNO and Itel Repaired for Free

If your phone still has a warranty, you can get it repaired for free. This also applies to the electronic warranty card. With this electronic warranty card,  if your phone is still under its warranty, you can take it to any Carlcare service center and get your phone repaired for free. However, this only applies to damage that isn't artificial. Artificial damage won't be repaired for free. Also, it also doesn't apply to cracked phone screens, as these have to be paid for.