What to Do If IMEI Is Not Showing On Android

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The International Mobile Equipment Identity, popularly known as IMEI, is a unique 15-digit security number assigned to every mobile phone to identify them on a mobile network. The absence of the IMEI number won't stop your phone from working; in fact, you can do virtually everything in its absence.

However, IMEI not showing on your Android phone can pose some security issues, such as denying you from retrieving your lost or stolen phone, disallowing your phone from being recognized on the mobile network, and at worse, disallowing you from making calls or dialing USSD codes. That's a kind of a bummer. Isn't it?

If you've noticed the absence of the IMEI number on your Android phone, or you're unable to make calls lately, don't panic. This article will guide you on what to do if IMEI is not showing on Android.

 imei not showing on android

Why is the IMEI number not showing on your Android phone?

As you presumably know, the IMEI number is always registered on the device from the factory, and it usually doesn't change no matter what. However, the IMEI number missing on your Android phone is usually because of the loss of core system components. More so, the core Android system components don't get missing on their own; it could either result from an inadequate system update or when a user tried manipulating the software.

For instance, if you've tried flashing or installing a custom ROM on your phone without following the proper procedures or using the right software, you may end up have a phone without IMEI numbers. Even if you used the right software, some phones will not let you restore the partition containing the IMEI number once you make a mistake, leaving you with a phone without an IMEI number.

On the other hand, an Android phone not showing the IMEI number may result from inadequate software updates. Some of the core software components may be riddled with bugs or other conflicts when a user doesn't update his phone software regularly enough.

If you failed to update your phone for a long time and some part of the software got corrupted, you may receive an error message stating that “com.phone.org has stopped working”. And, unfortunately, restarting the phone without finding a solution to this error message results in losing your phone IMEI number.

In whichever way, one thing to note is that your phone’s IMEI doesn't get lost on its own if none of the above scenarios have happened earlier. However, the painful part is that the IMEI not showing on your phone might be harmful and as well, causing frustration for you.

Besides not being able to track the phone if it gets lost or stolen, lack of IMEI numbers may stop you from making or receiving calls on your phone. You may be able to receive calls on the SIM cards in some cases, but you won’t be able to dial any number or USSD codes. More so, you may also keep receiving a persistent notification that your phone’s IMEI number is missing.

However, the IMEI not showing on your phone doesn’t mean you need to get a new one to keep performing certain functions, as the problem is repairable.

How to fix IMEI number not showing on Android phones  

Restoring the lost IMEI on your phone is possible, but it's sort of a good and a bad piece of news. Do you want to hear that?

The good news is that you can restore your lost IMEI number. And the bad news, however, is that you cannot do it on your own. Restoring the IMEI number on your phone requires that you reload the stock system software of your phone. Usually, you need to get the stock firmware file for your phone model and flash it, and that can only be done by a professional. Trying to reload your phone software manually can result in a more harmful problem such as bricking your phone completely.

So, the only way to restore your phone's missing IMEI number is to take it to the service center and have a technician look at it. And talking about the service center, we recommend you only visit the official service center for issues like this. They're the best to provide the stock and adequate software reload for your phone in this case.

What to do if you cannot find IMEI for Infinix, TECNO, or itel phone

In the same fashion, all you need to do is to visit the official service center to fix the issue. As of today, Carlcare Service is the only accredited service provider for these brands, and that's where you can restore the lost IMEI number of your TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices.

Find a Carlcare service center near you to complain about the issue, and let our professionals find the best solution for it. Usually, as this is a software issue, it's what you can fix in no time. It even gets easier when you book a reservation service with us to inform us about the issue and phone model. Doing so allow us to get prepared ahead of your visitation, hereby reducing your consultation and waiting time

Nonetheless, we recommend you back up your essential data before visiting the service center. You may also want to come with the retail box or a sticker containing the correct IMEI number of your phone. With that, it's easier to restore your phone's lost IMEI number. You also get to continue making calls, sending texts, and have peace of mind that you could track your phone if it ever gets lost or stolen.


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