How to Fix Infinix Phone Bluetooth Not Working

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The Infinix phone’s Bluetooth comes in handy for a variety of tasks. It enables you to send or receive files from other smartphones conveniently and smoothly. The feature also lets you play music on your deck, music player, or similar gadgets.

While hanging out with friends, you can use your Infinix phone to play exciting mobile games with them in multiplayer mode. These are just a handful of the benefits and perks the option offers you.

 infinix phone bluetooth not working

However, there are times you may have issues with your Bluetooth. Let’s walk you through different ways to fix Infinix phone bluetooth not working.

Restart the phone

One of the easiest things to fix Infinix phone bluetooth not working is to restart your phone. This procedure will correct many problems in your Bluetooth software or other related sectors.

  • Press & hold the Power/Lock key for some seconds
  • Swipe up to restart

Turn off Bluetooth connection and put it on again

You can redo the Bluetooth connection: Swipe down the Home screen and tap the Bluetooth to turn it off. Then, tap the Bluetooth icon again to turn it on and check if everything works fine.  

Clear your Bluetooth cache & data

You can delete Bluetooth cache and data by taking the steps below:

  • Open Settings
  • Press Apps & notifications
  • In the top right corner, press the three-dot icon and select Show system
  • Scroll down to find Bluetooth and tap it
  • Press Storage
  • Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache

Remove all paired devices and pair the device again

You can remove all paired devices as follows:

  • Open your Bluetooth settings in Settings>Connected devices>Bluetooth
  • Tap the settings icon for each paired device and press Forget
  • Do the same for all paired devices
  • Reconnect the Bluetooth again with the device you want to pair with  

Enter safe mode to connect your phone’s Bluetooth

The safe mode is an environment that looks like your regular UI (user interface). In safe mode, you get to debug faulty apps and disable features that are often hidden in normal mode.

Running your Infinix phone in safe mode can help you fix Bluetooth issues.

  • Switch off the device
  • Press & hold the Power key
  • Let the phone boot and show Infinix logo
  • When it displays the logo, press the Volume Down button
  • Release the key when safe mode shows up on the screen
  • Restart the phone to exit safe mode

Check the Bluetooth with other devices

Sometimes, the problem may be from the device you want to pair with. To confirm, pair your Infinix phone with another device. If the connection works fine, it means your Bluetooth is fine. The issue lies with the other device you’re trying to pair with.

Reset Wi-Fi and network settings

Resetting Wi-Fi & network settings can also help you fix the “ Infinix phone bluetooth” issue.

  • Open Settings>System
  • TapReset options>Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

The exact steps may vary based on Infinix models and Android OS versions. With this procedure, you’ll be able to restore your phone’s Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth settings to the default.

Update the mobile phone

A faulty Bluetooth option might be indicative of an outdated Android OS. That means you need to download and install the latest version of Android OS for your Infinix smartphone. If you’re sure you’ve enough Internet data, your phone’s battery has more than 50% power, and your Internet connection is reliable, proceed as follows:

  • Go to Settings
  • Open Software Update 
  • If the device needs an OS update, you’ll find the software update option in this subsection
  • If it’s not there, that implies the handset might have the latest Android version of the system’s software already
  • If you can see the update feature, tap Download
  • Press Verify and Install once the download ends
  • You’ll be notified that you need to restart your device to install updates
  • A prompt shows up asking, Do you want to continue? Press OK

That’s all! You now have the latest version of your phone’s Android OS. Now try to use the Bluetooth again.

Reset system settings

Another way to fix the “Infinix phone’s Bluetooth not working” issue is to reset all system settings default. Files can get corrupted at times, and deleting them can help you solve this problem. We highlight the steps to do this below:

  • Swipe down the Home screen and hit the Settings icon
  • Tap System
  • Choose Reset options
  • Click Reset all system settings

Note: These steps will erase all settings from your phone and restore the device to its default settings. It doesn’t involve any loss of data.

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