How to Fix Phone Touchscreen Not Working After Water Damage

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You can get your phone touchscreen fixed if it gets damaged by water. It is frustrating to have an impaired touchscreen. However, you will have a clue on how to fix touchscreen not working after water damage. The phone touchscreen is responsible for receiving inputs from external touches. Water can find its way through the display screen when caught in the rain or a shower. Subsequently, the touchscreen is susceptible to damage from contact with the water.

 how to fix touchscreen not working after water damage

How to Fix Touchscreen Not Working After Water Damage

you do not have to be extremely worried. The line below explains how to fix the damaged touchscreen.  Read through the guides to understand what you need to know now.

Replace the Screen

The phone hardware is the visible part of your phone that can become spoiled by water. One of the phone hardware constituents is the touchscreen.  If your touchscreen gets damaged by water, you should shop for a new replacement.

The phone screen is a delicate part that needs handling with utmost care. If your phone touchscreen is water-damaged, the entire screen of your mobile phone will be affected consequently. There’s no possibility that you can have your touchscreen working without a screen replacement.

What You Should Do When Phone Is Water-Damaged

There are several things you should do when your phone is damaged by water. Here are some highlights of what you should look after.

Avoid Contact with Water

The more your phone gets exposed to water, the more it becomes hard to fix. If your phone touchscreen is not working after water damage, relax, you can still get it repaired. Exposing the phone to water creates more harm to it.

Excess water contact with the phone corrodes the phone components. These components will further become harmed by corrosion. When your phone is water-damaged, avoid contact with more water.

Power off The Device

One of the things you should do while your phone is on when damaged by water is to switch it off. If your phone is water-damaged, ensure the phone is not on. Other hardware components get damaged while you try to on the phone.

A liquid substance in the impaired part of the screen can create a circuit problem on the phone. The internal part of the phone will also be affected by the short circuit. If your phone is on, hold on to the power button to switch it off.

Most times, it can be hard to switch off the phone when it is water-damaged. However, you should endeavor to power off the device if it’s on.

Remove All Your Attached Items

If your phone is water-damaged, it is time you remove your essential tools from the device. Items like your Sim card, the Memory card should remain ejected from the water-damaged phone. These items can become damaged or accumulate water inside the phone.

You can remove these inserted items by unplugging the slot from the phone side. Expose these parts to dry air if there are water drops on the spots. Also, ensure the removed piece is dry to avoid rust.

Remove the Phone Battery

If you can remove the battery on your phone, do so without delay. Removing the power source from the phone stops the operation you are not able to control. In some instances where you cannot power off your phone when it is water-damaged, pulling out the battery stops the phone activity.

Most Android and iOS phones have in-built batteries. If you have one, you do not have to attempt removing the battery. You can get the battery extracted by a phone technician.

Consult a Phone Repair Service

It is the best option to consult a phone repair service if you have repairs to be made on your phone.  Phone repair service offers you an array of repairs that pertains to your water-damaged phone. While you cannot remove your in-built battery, they use advanced tools to do so at their store.

Ideally, you do not have to repair your water-damaged phone by yourself. You should consult a phone repair service to get your phone fixed.

How Do I Get My Screen Replaced?

If you have prepared for a screen replacement, how do you get the screen replaced? You can only get your water-damaged touchscreen replaced by a professional technician. Even better, you should consult an experienced repairer to make the replacement durable.

Where do you get a reliable repair and warranty for your phone? If your water-damaged phone is from TECNO, Infinix, or itel brand, you should consult Carlcare Service.

Carlcare Services is the official after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, itel users. We specialize in high-quality and one-stop repair solutions for these brands. Moreso, you get up to a 30-days warranty after repairing your water-damaged phone screen repair at our official center.


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