How much does it cost to repair TECNO camera

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The cameras on our smartphones play a vital role in our day to day life - they remind us of the happy moments we had with our friends and families, places we've been to, and our past activities.

However, as useful and beautiful as it is, they're vulnerable to damages. While most of the damages made to the camera comes from poor handling, it may also be caused if you have used the camera extensively under hot temperature, or damaged by water.

If you notice that your TECNO camera is not working appropriately, or you receive a notification that says 'unable to connect to the camera' after launching the camera app. Do not panic, this article will guide you on how to get TECNO camera replaced and the TECNO camera price.

repair tecno camera

Where to replace your TECNO camera.

Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for TECNO phone. We are specialized in fixing every problem you may encounter with your TECNO devices, right from a broken screen to battery, charging port and all related hardware and software issues, including the cameras on your TECNO smartphones.



How much does it cost to repair TECNO camera?

The amount of money it costs to repair your TECNO camera varies depending on the type of model you have and the type of camera used on it.

For example, the recently launched TECNO CAMON 15 and the CAMON 15 premier. Both devices have a quad-camera array at the back, but they're of different megapixels. The CAMON 15 Premier is equipped with a 64Mp camera while the normal CAMON 15 has a 48Mp camera. So, the cost to repair both TECNO cameras varies based on the type of lens used.

How to check the price for TECNO camera replacement.

You can check the price for your TECNO camera replacement by following any of the methods below.

  • Using the Carlcare mobile app
    • The app comes preinstalled on any TECNO phone. You can also download it from Play Store if it's missing on your device.
    • Launch the app and grant all necessary permission
    • Click on 'Price' under the animated banner on the homepage

 carlcare app

    • Select your phone from the list, and all the repair prices for your phone will be displayed.

 tecno model

    • Check the camera tab to view the price for your camera. Both the front and the rear camera takes different tabs. Ensure to check only for you variant as

 tecno camera price

  • On our website.
    • Open on your browser.
    • Scroll down and tap on 'Spare part prices'
    • Fill the form and search.


Why replace TECNO camera in Carlcare?

  • Skilled and certified technicians

Repairing phone camera requires a skilled and well-experienced technician who knows the job he's doing. With the fact that Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider certified to repair your TECNO smartphones, our engineers are trained regularly to be able to tackle any problem you may have with your TECNO smartphones flawlessly.

  • Use of the original camera

If you have replaced one before and you notice the quality of the camera is not as good as it was, that's a sign that the spare camera used in replacement is not genuine. A factor that has kept Carlcare moving ahead for years is the fact that we provide only genuine spare parts and accessories. The spare part we use in replacing your broken camera is genuinely provided by TECNO's manufacture and nothing else.

  • Warranty & Guarantee

This is one of the major importance of replacing your TECNO camera at Carlcare. Calrcare is the official after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel. Hence, the 13-months warranty you're given upon the purchase of your TECNO smartphone is managed by Carlcare, and you may get your camera repaired with a discount if you're still under warranty. Also, we put the camera under several testing after repair to make sure there's no other problem elsewhere. We also give you an additional warranty after the repair in case any issue emerge after the repair.

Meanwhile, you can also book an online appointment with us ahead of your visit to our service centre. That will further decrease the time used for consultation, and you'll be served as a priority customer.